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Does Your LCD Have Proper Screen Protection... Even From the Sun?

Having a sunroof on your car is a blast. But if you have a built-in navigation system, or a GPS mounted on your dash, the incoming sunlight can wash away screen visibility. It’s even worse if you are driving a convertible. There is no place to hide from the sun.

Wearing polarized sunglasses only makes things more difficult. The polarization of the lenses negates the coating on the navigation device, and they cancel each other out. Thus, you can’t see the screen in daylight when you have sunglasses on. Isn’t there some kind of anti-reflective screen protector that helps you see your screen better on a sunny day?

Thank goodness NuShield™ has introduced NuShield DayVue™, a brand new anti-reflective screen protector, that provides clear visibility of the LCD display - even when the sun shines.

An anti-reflective screen protectior like NuShield DayVue™ goes one step beyond most screen protectors. Not only does it protect your LCD screen from the nicks and scratches associated with everyday use, but it makes it easier to see on sunny days.

Once installed, the screen protection film will allow you to see the screen clearly from any angle, and block out harmful UV rays from bouncing back at your eyes at the same time. The film can be cleaned normally without degrading the anti- reflective properties. The NuShield DayVue™ film installs quickly and easily.

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