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NuShield: Leading the Way in Screen Protection for 15 Years

NuShield, Inc. is the nation's leading manufacturer and distributor of screen protectors, screen protector kits, and touch screen overlays for electronic equipment. Our inventory is broad, and includes screen protection films for auto and GPS navigation devices, digital cameras and camcorders, electronic games, handheld computers, HDTV, industrial control devices, inventory control devices, laptops and tablets, LCD monitors, marine and aviation equipment, PDAs, Phones, POS displays, signature capture devices, and other electronic devices used in manufacturing and commercial applications. We are passionate about screen protection. It's why we are the best.

A woman-owned business established in 1998, NuShield is a global company with corporate headquarters located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. NuShield and its distributors, original equipment manufacturers, integrators and end users work together to develop screen protection products on a regular basis as new devices are introduced. We strive to adopt current products to new markets.

The Best Screen Protector

Mark Ross, Ph.D., an organic polymer chemist, started NuShield soon after his ten-year-old son was diagnosed with diabetes. To manage the complexities of the disease, Dr. Ross found a program that ran on his Apple Newton PDA, but screen protectors for the device were hard to find. The few he did find relied on gummy adhesive or unreliable static cling to preserve the Newton's display screen. These screen protection films were difficult to apply and damaged easily, requiring frequent replacement.

Dr. Ross found other dissatisfied users in Newton chat forums and he decided to develop a new type of anti-glare screen protector that offered greater scratch resistance, clarity and durability. After careful research and testing, he created a non-adhesive screen protection film that is super thin, yet very tough and durable, offering long-lasting protection.

The patented formulation (US patent #7,070,837, foreign patents pending) also makes NuShield screen protectors abrasion and chemical resistant. We think they're the best screen protectors on the market; we hope you'll agree.

Custom Screen Protectors

NuShield screen protection films are manufactured in the United States and are custom designed to meet the specific needs of our customers. These films are available to fit a wide variety of electronic devices and meet specific user needs.

The antiglare, DayVue (antireflective) and Triple A (antiglare-antimicrobial-anti fingerprint) film can fit devices with screens up to 65 inch diagonal. NuShield screen protectors have undergone rigorous tests by the U.S. military to protect the LCD screens of their sensitive electronic equipment from scratching, glare, chemicals, sea salt, dust, and sand.

NuShield continues its pioneering tradition by developing technologies that respond to today's escalating demands. NuShield also works with manufacturers, integrators and value-added resellers to expand its list of protected devices. If you are interested in becoming a Nushield reseller, or if would like to have a screen protector designed to fit your electronic device, contact us.