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NuShield AG Anti-glare Technology

The NuShield AG antiglare film has been formulated to stand up to constant use by stylus pens or finger touches and protect the LCD screen of electronic devices from scratches and abuse.

Antiglare films have a roughened surface, scattering reflected glare thereby minimizing its effects. NuShield AG films offer improved scratch resistance, lower haze and improved Newton ring protection over other products. The antiglare coating will minimize surface glare and reduce the appearance of reflected images in an office/industrial environment. NuShield AG will also enhance viewing angle and minimize the appearance of fingerprints.

NuShield antiglare films do not use adhesive for most applications where a standard screen bezel surrounds the display. The film is installed by inserting the edges between the case and screen. This mechanical attachment means that there is no possibility for trapped air to create bubbles.

In applications where the screen is sealed or there is an edge to edge glass display, NuShield uses a 3/16” wide low tack adhesive strip around the film perimeter. The adhesive is removable and can be repositioned. For installation videos, please see our How To Install page.

The patented *US patent #7,070,837anti-Newton ring treatment on the underside eliminates the optical distortion as well as prevents adhesion. The film can be cleaned using rubbing alcohol and normal household cleaners. See Specifications for the antiglare film.

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NuShield Films are RoHS Compliant

All NuShield films are RoHS compliant and do not contain any of the prohibited listed materials. Further information can be found on the RoHS Compliance sheet below.

RoHS Compliance