Glare Reduction and Screen Protection for Aviation GPS Devices

Aviation GPS systems are a necessity to navigate. New software now allows the use of handheld tablets and smartphones to become navigation instruments as well. However, sun glare can interfere with reading the new LCD displays just when you need it most.

In the airplane cockpits where pilots are surrounded by glare coming through the windows and bouncing around the cabin. Pilots wear polarized sunglasses and have issues with distortion and screen darkening.

The DayVue™ antireflective film, only 6 mils thick, has been created to successfully overcome sun glare problems on most devices using LCD or LED display technology. The coating cancels out the reflected light from the top surface and allows the transmitted light through from the display. The process also negates any embedded polarization so that wearers of polarized glasses can view the screen clearly without having to tilt their heads or removing their glasses.

When the DayVue film is installed you can readily see that the display is clearer and brighter with no haze. However, even the DayVue film will not handle direct sun because the strength of the light source overwhelms the film's ability to cancel glare.

DayVue™ antireflective film also incorporates several other innovations that make it a superior choice for removable screen protection. The back surface incorporates a slightly tacky rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive. This means that the film will wet out on a flat surface, but will not trap air effectively. Bubbles can be easily pushed out using a finger.

How Does the DayVue Antireflective Film Work?

If you have bright sun glare from outdoor sources (but not reflected images) - the DayVue antireflective film is your best solution.

DayVue is clear and won't change the screen image. Increasing the screen brightness when outdoors will also help as well as working under shade to prevent direct sun on the screen.

To learn more about our film technology you can visit the NuShield website where you can learn more how the Geico Skytypers found that the NuShield DayVue film helps them perform precise maneuvers. If you are ready to place your order, just select the manufacturer of your device from the list below and start your purchase process. If you do not see your manufacturer’s name or your model number NuShield will be happy to create a film to fit your device when you provide us with the measurements using our contact us form.

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