Do Classrooms Even Use Chalkboards Anymore?

If you have not been in a school classroom lately you would not know that the old blackboard and chalk have gone the way of the dinosaur. Most classrooms today use a white board or some type of electronic monitor like a Prometheus Board to conduct lessons and show presentations to the students.

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Back To School Nightmare

As Summer winds down, parents and kids are turning their attention to going back to school. Some districts and colleges start before Labor Day and the drudgery of shopping has begun. Not only do you need to have new clothes and shoes, but today’s schoolers are equipped with electronics. No one uses notebooks, pencils, pens or erasers these days. Laptops, tablets, smartphones are a must in today’s high technology world.

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NuShield Films Protect Interactive Displays at Statue of Liberty Museum

On May 16, 2019 new museums opened on Liberty Island to help visitors better enjoy their Statue of Liberty experience. The interactive museum provides historical information and deeper understanding for visitors about Lady Liberty, the designers, the construction and the effort it took to make this monument possible. Various sections of the museum use digital monitors to convey information and allow visitors to access information using touch screen displays.

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Geico Skytypers Airshow Schedule for 2019

Airshows are always a great joy to watch, and they make us wonder how the pilots are able to pull off such jaw-dropping stunts. The Geico Skytypers’ crew conducts air shows across the country using 6 vintage WW II aircraft to achieve advanced maneuverability techniques. They combine the flexibility of these aircraft with current advanced navigation systems in order to achieve precise positioning and maneuverability. The challenge is even greater when performing across large water bodies where there are no landmarks to guide with navigation.

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Graduating Without Glare

If you are a proud relative of a high school or college graduate you will probably find yourself sitting in the football stadium during the graduation ceremonies. If your seat is on the wrong side, the sun will be reflecting glare on your device’s display. Whether you are using a camera, phone or tablet to capture the moment, reflections of the sun will block visibility of the display.

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Golf Practice Made Easier by NuShield

Spring is in the air and the fairways are green. As the temperature goes up so is the “itch” factor that golfers feel to get out there and play golf. But before you hit the links, it might be beneficial to head to the practice range to work on your swing and shake off the winter rust.

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Time to Get Your Boat Ready for 2019

If you are living in the Mid-Atlantic, New England or lake areas of the U.S. you are probably ready to take your boat out of storage and back in the water. Boaters and recreational fishermen eagerly wait for summer every year. The weather’s warm, the sun is bright and the fish are biting. There’s no better time to head down to the lake, river or the open sea and enjoy the balmy weather.

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