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NuShield DayVue Review on Large Screen TV

First off let me say that I rarely take time to post or review a product but I felt that this deserved the review. I will take the review through the process from ordering to installation to product performance.

I wanted an anti glare cover for my 60" LG Plasma TV and did research on the net...from YouTube to Google and the NuShield kept coming up and I could find no legitimate complaints. I Carefully reviewed the website reading all that I could. I decided for my application (my TV was directly across the LARGEST window in the house 9' wide and 5' tall) So I chose DayVue to clear the unbearable glare that is NOTORIOUS from the glass screen on a Plasma. The Website is very informative and If a person takes the time to read all of the helpful information they will need little help choosing and when you decide the ordering is VERY easy as the website has just about every make and model of electronics you could possibly need a screen protector or anti glare protector for. That being said, as I was looking up my TV I found that my model wasn't listed. I emailed them and the next morning I was informed that my model was the same as another and to just order that model so I proceeded back to the website and went through the process and to my surprise they had already added my model!!! ( I was quite impressed with their attention to this detail). So ordering and relative information on their website I give a 10 out of 10.

I then received the Product and unboxed the item, read the instructions and proceeded (with help from a friend) to prep the screen, test fit film, cleaned again and installed the film per the instructions. Two things stood out during the installation.

First: there were a TON of bubbles that we had to work out (between the two of us) which took about 30 minutes to do. We used window tint nylon cards to help us move the bubbles out. We had a few small bubbles left but those went away exactly as the instructions said they would. I also noticed during our bubble removal that many of the smaller bubbles would DISAPPEAR as we were moving them to the edge before we would reach the edge (weird but cool). Keep in mind that a 60" screen is alot of area to cover with a film and contributed to the extended time to complete.

Second: I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the cuts of the film. Edges were not close to straight but adequate to get the job done. In this I may be a bit more picky than others and the fact of the matter is that those poor edges aren't visible from my couch. This did not affect the performance of the film AT ALL.

PERFORMANCE: I was INCREDIBLY skeptical at first and was a little worried after I peeled the last protective skin off of the screen because I could still see into my front yard from the image in the screen of my large window. This image was while the TV was OFF and was a 2pm (very sunny outside). I then sat down, turned the TV on and I was BLOWN AWAY!! The image disappeared when the TV fired up!!!! I sighed with relief when DayVue performed as advertised!!! Performance I give the DayVue a 10 out of 10.

Lastly, Price is the last topic...I am torn about this...I paid over $175 for this product which half of me feels that is VERY EXPENSIVE for film and the other half of my knows that this is a perfect definition of "you get what you pay for". The bottom line is this (for me) This company offers a SUPERIOR product and excellent Customer service. They also are adamant about giving you all the tools to make your purchase a success...too often today service is absent in the business world (look at our Cell Carriers, big box stores and restaurants) not to mention a serious decline in product quality. Keep these things in mind when you purchase. Thanks

Gene Porter
Glass Doctor of Clovis


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