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Screen protection for PDA displays

PDAs have LCD screens that are highly vulnerable to scratches, especially when placed in your pocket next to your keys or rubbing against other items in your purse. The repetitive tapping in a certain area or the use of sharp objects, even a stylus, to peck at the screen can also create dead spots and reduce the life cycle of the LCD screen.

Inserting a NuShield screen protector over the viewing area will extend the life of the LCD screen. NuShield manufactures the clearest and most durable screen protector film to enhance the protection of LCD monitor screens.

NuShield now offers NuShield DayVue antireflective-antiglare films to allow improved readability of the screen outdoors. If your screen is 4.3" diagonal or less, you can order the "Cut to Fit Kit". Go to our Order Now By Manufacturer page on the left and click on the "Order Cut to Fit Kit" button. This will automatically place one kit in the shopping cart. You can change the number of kits you want in the cart as well.