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TV and Remote Controls

Screen protection for LCD/Plasma TV and remote control displays
Note: If you don’t see your model here - click on "Contact Us" button on top and fill in the form. We can custom design films to fit your TV. NuShield can design films for TV screens up to 65" diagonal.

Note: 3D TV images will not work correctly with NuShield screen protectors!!

As more households purchase television monitors using plasma or LCD display screens, the danger of damage to the screen is greater than ever. The viewing screen can be easily scratched or permanently damaged by children using a pen or marker. But even dirty, gooey hands touching the screen can cause problems. Household liquid sprays can also damage the screen.

NuShield now offers the clearest and most durable screen protector film to help extend the life of the display. There is no other film one the market today that can be installed as easily as NuShield and its design does not create bubbles.

For remote controls that have a touch screen interface the danger of damage is even greater. Oily fingers, small children or sharp objects can easily damage the screen and render the device useless. NuShield films have been protecting PDAs and other touch screen devices from being scratched for years and will also help to prevent liquids or other food from easily entering beneath the screen.

NuShield can create custom film sizes for TV screens not listed. Please click on the Contact Us button and fill in this form. It is best to have the film sit flat on the screen surface. Measure the size of the screen from edge to edge of the screen frame, length and width preferably in mm or to the nearest 1/16". Accuracy is essential and NuShield will not be responsible for incorrect measurements.