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GEICO Skytypers Use NuShield DayVue Films to Stay on Course during Formation Flying

Flying an airplane requires a great amount of skill and aptitude. Add to that the special skill required for precision flying with five other airplanes in formation.  These pilots must rely on electronic instrumentation to find their way to the next “waypoint” to perform low level precision aeronautical demonstration flying as one unit.

The GEICO Skytyper Airshow Team is a flight squadron of six vintage WWII aircraft, performing precision flight maneuvers at select airshows across the U.S.  The planes are the SNJ-2 version of the NAA’s BC-1 basic combat trainer. The plane is a vintage craft upgraded with the latest and best navigation equipment. They can roll, loop, spin, snap and vertical roll and are perfect for stunt flying. When the pilots are not performing at airshows, they skywrite messages as tall as the Empire State building, up to eight miles long.

Over the water air shows are even more challenging than over land shows. With little in the way of landmarks, the GEICO pilots must rely on judgment supported by their GPS equipment to safely achieve their precision formation flying. And since they fly in cockpits fully exposed to the sun, eliminating glare and reflection on their GPS devices is essential.

This is why the team came to NuShield to find a solution to eliminate the glare on their GPS instruments. Steve Kapur is one of the team members and was the first to install and test the NuShield DayVue film on his GPS. The DayVue film is a special, patented aftermarket product that adheres to the GPS screen, also used in cars, boats and planes and on any device where sun glare makes it hard to see the screen, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. The film installs easily and stands up to the rigors of the flight and eliminating glare from the screen.

 "The NuShield DayVue is a special anti reflective film I use on my instrumentation that gives me better visual acuity and protects my equipment from scratches," Steve explains.  Based on Steve’s experience, other team members have also installed the NuShield DayVue film on their instruments.

The DayVue film is an excellent barrier to provide LCD screen protection from scratches caused by stray items floating around the cockpit or loose belt buckles. The film is only 0.005 inches thick which offers excellent scratch protection and touch sensitivity. The DayVue also provides excellent screen clarity when the device is used indoors or during night flights. The NuShield films are pre-cut and very easy to install directly onto the screen without any mess or air bubbles because of the rubber tacky backing on the film instead of glue adhesives.

The NuShield DayVue films are available for any device with an LCD display up to 80 inches diagonal. NuShield supports all major GPS manufacturer devices such as Adventure Pilot, Anywhere Map, Aviation Safety, Garmin, Magellan, Northstar, etc. NuShield currently has size information for over 12,000 different devices and will be happy to create new ones if measurements are provided without extra charge.

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