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Home Inspectors Protect Their Handheld PC Screens with NuShield

The current boom of housing sales has kept home inspectors very busy. They crawl around the attic, the basement and other dusty areas looking for problems in the foundation, plumbing, wiring, etc. Purchasers rely on their report to identify problems and save repair costs long after the sale.

Companies who sell software for PDA devices that help inspectors enter the information and write reports contacted NuShield. Some of these devices are the Fujitsu PenCentra 200 CE tablet, the HP Jornada 6xx and 7xx, the Dell Axim 5x, and the NEC MobilePro 900.

NuShield has created films to protect the screen from the repetitive tapping by the stylus and also help to keep dirt and dust from entering the device. The films are non-adhesive and slip betIen the case and the screen of the device. They are also clear to let the full light through and easily removable for cleaning when surface wiping is not enough. These films last betIen 6 months and 1 year under these conditions and NuShield has received very positive comments from users in the field.

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