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Screen Protection Film

What to look for in a screen protector film?

Whether it’s for the LCD monitor of your desktop computer, your laptop, GPS device, or your PDA phone, a quality screen protection film can protect the integrity of your device’s LCD display and extend its life. Even if it is your company’s industrial monitor, inventory management device or signature capture pad the life cycle of the unit is very important.

Your device’s LCD display is its lifeline and broken screens can cost a lot to fix, particularly if their warranties don’t cover damage. When you’re using an interactive screen, the potential for wear and tear increases. While NuShield can’t help you if you break the screen, we can help you provide screen protection for your LCD display from scratches and glare.

The NuShield patented design is the best on the market – easy to install, inexpensive and built to stand up to the harshest environments. When you buy a NuShield screen protection film, you’re getting your money’s worth. Vinyl films are too thin and if they’re not installed right they can bubble up and peel around the edges. Other films have aggressive adhesive on the back that are hard to install and can retain fingerprints if not carefully handled.

At NuShield, we pride ourselves on selling screen protection films that just plain work. The non-adhesive, anti-Newton ring, antiglare properties assure that our films will work correctly with your device. You don’t need to waste time adjusting them, reinstalling because they are crooked or worrying that they’re going to mess up your device. They’ve got plenty of great features:

Easy Installation

Our unique winged design makes NuShield screen protection films easy to install. Just slide the wings between the screen and the case and it will stay in place. If your device has a sealed case, such as an industrial monitor, NuShield offers screen protector films with 3/16 of an inch adhesive strip around the border that is removable and reinstallable. The strip has been tested to stay on even when the temperature changes from minus 20 degrees to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Great screen protection

A film that scratches is a film that defeats the whole purpose of investing in a screen protector. NuShield films stand up to the steel wool scratch test and still look good when vinyl screen protectors are in shreds.

Display Clarity

Our patented anti-Newton ring treatment prevents distortion of the LCD display. Because there’s no adhesive on the film to hold it in place, NuShield screen protection films transmit all the information shown on the LCD display clearly without distortion or unsightly bubbles. Our antiglare coating also prevents sunlight from interfering with your viewing of the screen and our film prevents 99% of the UV light from bouncing back into your eyes.

NuShield overlay films provide screen protection for over 500 devices manufactured by more than 100 companies. Check out our extensive list of manufacturers and their devices. However, as more companies adopt LCD display technology, it is hard to stay current with all the new products on the market. If you have a device that is not currently shown on our list, you can contact us directly and we can custom design a screen protector for you without charging for design time.