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NuShield DayVue™ Saves Television Scene by Removing Glare From Monitor

The actors are supposed to view a critical piece of evidence on the Apple Monitor

Working on a television series such as the Mentalist can take you to film in many exotic locations. However, one of the most difficult shots is to replicate an indoor office environment. Proper lighting is important, but so is authenticity. That is where the production crew encountered the problem of trying to properly light a shot of an Apple Cinema 23” diagonal monitor. The glare from the display was bouncing off the screen and the important image that the actors were supposed to be looking at was invisible underneath the glare.

The NuShield DayVue antireflective screen protector was placed over the display to absorb any unwanted reflections or glare coming from the lighting or personnel behind the camera.

A quick-thinking member of the production staff remembered the NuShield screen protector on her laptop and placed a call to NuShield to find out if the DayVue antireflective screen protector film would eliminate the glare reflected by the monitor.

NuShield was able to cut and ship the film the same day so production was delayed for only a short time. After installation the DayVue film worked perfectly and eliminated the reflections and glare bouncing from the lights and surrounding surface.

The NuShield DayVue film has two antireflective layers to handle more of the visible spectrum. Therefore the film is better at glare reduction and gives a better performance in bright light. The latest version has several top layers with carefully chosen index of refraction for even better performance, minimizing the blue end of the spectrum. This means that the screen can be seen clearly even with polarized sunglasses outside and the film will prevent blue-violet banding.

The Mentalist is produced on the Warner Brothers soundstage and the episode featuring NuShield will air on April 1, 2010 on CBS television.

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