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*Models marked with an asterisk are sealed screens. These films use a 3/16” wide, strip around the outer film edges to adhere for standard antiglare film only. DayVue and Triple A films are not affected.

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Screen size smaller than 5"?

Our "Cut to Fit Kit" contains everything you need to create a NuShield DayVue or Triple A film for your small screen device. Each kit contains cleaning supplies, tracing paper, illustrated instructions and two antireflective DayVue or two antiglare/antimicrobial Triple A films.

For screens up to 4.3" diagonal (3.8×2.2" / 97×56 mm) maximum size for $14.99.


Also available for screens up to 5” diagonal (4×3” / 102×75 mm) for $17.99.



NuShield highly recommends that you purchase the Klear Screen anti-static wipes to clean your NuShield film and LCD display screen before installation to prevent dust from getting sandwiched between the screen and the film. The cost is $1.99 and includes three wet soft cloths in foil and a dry micro chamois.

Note: The Cut to Fit Kits include Klear Screen.

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