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PDA and SmartPhone Screen Protection

5 things you should remember about PDA and SmartPhone screen protection

If you use a PDA or SmartPhone, no matter how much you take care of it, the chances are good that it’ll still suffer some damage from everyday use. You’ll see the occasional ding or dent show up on the casing, or maybe the screen will rub up against something sharp in your pocket or purse. The story is the same no matter what device you carry they’re bound to take a little damage.

But the LCD screen is your lifeline. Without the screen, it’s hard to use the device. You need to protect your screen before damage occurs. That’s where NuShield can help. We provide superior quality screen protectors for PDA SmartPhones at a great price. Considering that one NuShield film lasts over one year in use, your contract will expire before your screen protector films. Here are five reasons we do what we do.

1. For a SmartPhone, screen protection is the most important thing.

Your phone doesn’t live in a hermetically sealed bubble. Whether you own a Treo, Dell, Samsung, O2, or iMate , some light scuffing is bound to happen and most of the time the device can take a little beating. But the LCD screen is a different story. Repetitive tapping in one area or scratching can lead to a dead spot in your LCD screen. Even the stylus that comes with the device can damage it if you use it enough. You can avoid these problems with a NuShield screen protector, extending the life of your device substantially.

2. Unless you’ve got a quality LCD display screen protector, tiny things can cause big problems.

You can’t always see the things that can damage your device’s screen and protection from the threats you can’t see is just as important as protection from what you can. We’re not trying to scare you – the tiniest piece of grit can leave a deep groove in your screen if it gets stuck to your stylus.

3. Not all screen protectors are the same.

Many of the adhesive screen protectors on the market for SmartPhones can be hard to install, and will cause bubbles on the screen that are difficult to remove. While air bubbles don’t hurt the screen, they can be unsightly until they work their way out. However, NuShield screen protectors are different. NuShield’s anti-glare screen protectors feature a unique winged design that fits the edges under the casing of your device. This holds the film in place, without hazy adhesive or glare bouncing back into your eyes. NuShield is a screen protector you can count on.

4 . Your device is never too old for a screen protector.

There are probably not too many of us, who still carry around an Apple Newton, but we know that there are devices out there which are over five years old. NuShield even has screen protectors for these old devices. In fact, we’ve got screen protectors for nearly every make and model

5. NuShield knows screen protection – and not just for SmartPhones.

We know our SmartPhone screen protector films work really well, because they’re work in all situations. You can find NuShield films used by the U.S. Army, the Durham, NC police force and a multitude of companies under the harshest conditions.