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Effective January 13, 2015

NuShield Provides Overlay Film to Eliminate Glare and Protects Against Germ Growth and LCD Screen Damage in the Classroom

Bensalem, Pa. – NuShield, Inc., has created a new antiglare film that has been proven effective in eliminating glare, killing germs on the surface and protecting the fragile LCD screen from damage on a variety of devices and monitors used in educational facilities. The films also filter out 99% of UVB light from reaching the screen or reflecting back to the eyes..

As more devices with LCD touch screen displays are introduced into the learning environment so is the danger of spreading germs. It is not uncommon to observe students touching their nose or mouth with their fingers and then touching an object and leaving germs behind. Unless properly protected and cleaned, LCD displays can be a breeding ground for germs, especially when they are touched by students and staff.

The NuShield Triple A antiglare, and antifingerprint film provides excellent screen visibility on electronic displays. The film uses a low-tack silicone rubber-based adhesive to grip the screen surface. It can be cleaned with disinfectants and solvents. The antiglare feature diffuses glare from overhead lights and allows users to clearly read the display indoors. The antiglare property also prevents the transmission or reflection of 99% UVB ultra violet light from reaching the user’s eyes.

In laboratory tests using colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria the NuShield Triple A film’s antimicrobial coating has shown a reduction rate of 99% of these germs over a 24 hour period. The inorganic antibacterial coating also has an excellent antibacterial spectrum and heat resistance./p>

Typical equipment using the antiglare film include LCD monitors, laptop computers, iPad or PC tablets and even telephone system displays with LCD screens. NuShield films are available in sizes from 1 inch to 65 inch diagonal and are cut to fit the screen as required. NuShield currently supports over 6,000 electronic devices and constantly adds new sizes to this list.

NuShield Inc., based in Bensalem, PA, has been the leading provider of screen protectors for LCD touch screens used in electronic devices since 1998 and is sold directly to consumers on its website or through distributors worldwide.


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