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What Makes a Quality Screen Protector

Savvy consumers are well-versed in the ways they can get the most life and performance out of the tools they use. Many also discovered that the best way to preserve the integrity of their electronic device is to protect its LCD screen with a screen protector film. However, there are many varieties in the market and it is hard to differentiate between the brands.

So how can you tell that the screen protector you want to buy won’t let you down? Easy. Just ask yourself a few simple questions.

When you install the Screen Protector does it create air bubbles, or leave a sticky residue behind when you peel it off to replace it?

Vinyl screen protectors are made of a thin film with an adhesive backing that holds it to the LCD screen. The adhesive is hazy and if you get a fingerprint on the adhesive side, you might as well throw out the film because the print will never come off. It is also hard to adjust the film once it has been placed on the screen because of the adhesive backing. Because of the adhesive quality, bubbles usually form when the film is placed on the LCD screen. These bubbles need to be forced out the sides by scraping with a tool.

Unlike almost all of its competitors, NuShield designs its own films. We introduced a new antiglare screen protector film with improved scratch resistance, better clarity, lower haze and a patented optical treatment to give antiglare properties in a film that does not significantly detract from image brightness and clarity. Unlike prior offerings, these non-adhesive films will work on all screens, regardless of type.

NuShield films are non-adhesive and made of a polymer material that is sturdier. NuShield films feature a “winged” design and the film slides between the case and the screen to protect the device without causing haze. There are never any bubbles and no adhesive means easy installation, removal and re-installation if necessary. And if there are any fingerprints on the underside, it is easy to clean with a Klear Screen wipe.

Does your screen protector protect against ultraviolet light?

Most vinyl screen protectors do not offer this option because of the way they are manufactured. The more expensive films do come in an anti-glare version, but the cost of one film is almost as expensive as three of the NuShield films.

NuShield is a non-adhesive antiglare screen protector film that filters out 99 percent of UV light from reaching your screen or reflecting back into your eyes.

This is very important if you use your device outside.

Does your screen protector have a 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied?

Almost all vendors offer some type of warranty, but NuShield is the only one who offers a “No Questions Asked” 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your screen protector. We will first try to solve any installation or usage questions you may have, but at the end, if you are truly dissatisfied, you can return the product and get your money back.