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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do NuShield screen protectors work?

Antiglare Screen Protectors for Standard LCDs and Touch Screens: The NuShield AG screen protection film rests on top of the screen. It is held in place by "wings" designed into the shape, which slide under the case at the screen’s sides, the top and the bottom. This means that the film needs no adhesive, yet is held securely by the bits of film that are captured between case and screen. The film "floats" on the surface and provides excellent scratch and abrasion resistance without damaging your screen with gooey adhesive. For more information on the technology behind NuShield films, please visit our Technology page. For more information on installation our non-adhesive screen protectors, please visit our How to Install page

Sealed screens (NEMA rated):
For these displays a 3/16” wide strip of adhesive is used around the outside edges of the film. This adhesive is removable, water and heat resistant and will not damage your screen, yet will hold the screen protection film onto the screen securely.

Antireflective NuSheld DayVue Films:
These films use a very low tack rubber on the entire back of the film. This is necessary for proper optical performance. This rubber cannot leave residues or increase in adhesive strength over time. It also allows for easy release of air bubbles during installation. These films will work on any resistive or projective capacative touch screen or LCD display up to 50" diagonal.

Triple A- Antiglare Antimicrobial film:
Triple A film has a soft rubber backing on the entire film that adheres to the display just like DayVue film. This allows Triple A antiglare-antimicrobial film to be used on any display that is compatible with a screen protection overlay.


What is the difference between antiglare and antireflective films?

Antiglare (NuShield AG and Triple A) films minimize glare by scattering incident light and preventing mirror like reflections. This type of glare control is usually best indoors in office or industrial environments. These films will slightly increase haze on the screen. NuShield AG film can have no adhesive or have a 3/16" wide adhesive strip around the film perimeter for sealed screens. Triple A film uses a full back slighly tacky rubber to adhesre. Our antiglare films have superior scratch resistance and longevity.

Antireflective (NuShield DayVue) films work by canceling incident light. They create interference patterns that cancel reflected light in the same manner as noise canceling headphones. This is a better technology for bright glare than antiglare film. The film does not rely on light scattering and therefore is clearer than antiglare film while offering superior glare control. It is suitable for bright light outdoors and indoors and will allow screen readability even in indirect bright sun. NuShield DayVue films have very good scratch resistance but not as good as the antiglare films. Top

How much are shipping and handling costs? Do you ship overseas?

Shipping and handling costs are calculated at the time of your order, based on the weight and destination of your package. You can easily calculate these costs to any destination by using the shipping calculator on your shopping cart page. We ship everywhere, using USPS and UPS. Top

What guarantee do you offer for your screen protectors?

We offer a no-nonsense, money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied you’re your NuShield screen protector’s durability and protection, you can have a complete refund, including up to $5 in shipping costs for 60 days after purchase. You are only responsible for return shipping cost to us. There is no time limit for goods found damaged upon delivery or shortages. Please contact us first at for any problems or questions you may have. We’ve got the best screen protector on the market, and we absolutely guarantee your satisfaction. Top

Why are NuShield’s screen protectors better than the other vinyl screen protectors on the market?

Non-adhesive NuShield AG screen protectors normally don’t use sticky adhesive, which can cause bubbles, or even damage your screen if removed too vigorously. Our screen protectors offer much longer life, about three to four times that of vinyl protectors. They can be removed, cleaned and reinstalled repeatedly, offering a much longer lifespan. NuShield screen protection films have the hardness of glass and are treated to prevent optical distortions. Other films use a soft rubber backing that will not damage the screen when removed or leave residues behind. Top

Will your screen protectors support other devices?

We continue to offer support for new models as conditions warrant. If you have a device that we currently don't support, but would like us to, please contact us and let us know! Top

Do NuShield’s screen protection films distort the image as some other products do?

Our NuShield AG screen protectors have a patented* surface treatment that sits against the screen to improve the ease of installation and prevent distortion from “Newton rings,” distortions that occur when a flat material is placed against a flat screen. This surface prevents image distortion. All antiglare films add some haze to the display to function. Top

*US patent #7,070,837

I'm concerned about installing my screen protector. Will it damage my device?

We have many thousands of customers who have used our product. NuShield screen protectors are installed by slight pressure on the screen to slip them between the case and the screen around the edges. The films are very thin – only five thousands of an inch – so they don't need much space to function. This technique allows us to offer a product that uses no adhesive. NuShield DayVue and Triple A films use a soft rubber over the entire back surface to adhere. Top

Can NuShield screen protectors work in harsh environments?

The army thinks so. NuShield screen protection films have passed testing under the harshest conditions for industrial and military applications. Let us show you how. You can view our specifications here. Top

What makes Klear Screen different from other screen cleaners?

Klear Screen is unique. It safely cleans and replenishes your screen surface with a non-toxic, non-damaging, 3-step liquid polymer-based formula that lifts and dissolves surface contaminants and fingerprints, floating debris off the screen surface, leaving an anti-static coating which dramatically reduces surface friction, resists fingerprinting and provides a renewable protective screen barrier. Top