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Benefits of Screen Protection

Frequently Asked Questions About Screen Protection

Why Is Screen Protection So Important?

The LCD screen of your electronic device – whether it’s a smart phone, laptop, media player or GPS – is its lifeline to communicate. When the screen is not working properly, it compromises the ability to read text messages, play video games, or, in the case of industrial monitors, see the details of the information provided by your device.

How Can I Protect My Screen?

Protecting the LCD screen is fortunately very easy. There are two steps to proper screen protection. First, a thorough cleaning of the LCD screen with a Klear Screen wipe. This is a very important step because if the screen is not properly cleaned, there might be tiny bits of grit or dust getting sandwiched between the LCD screen and the screen protector film that will be installed.

Finding the right screen protection film is also pretty easy. Just look for NuShield products. NuShield makes screen protectors for just about every device that has a LCD screen. And if you can’t find what you need, we will make it for you.

Is my device too old for screen protection?

NuShield offers screen protectors for devices that aren’t even made anymore such as the Apple Newton. However, it does not mean that they are obsolete. NuShield currently offers screen protectors for over 500 devices that has been built in the past ten years. And if you do not see your device on our website, we’ll determine if we can create a screen protection film for your device.

Do I need an adhesive screen protection film?

Not at all. For most devices, NuShield non-adhesive, anti-glare screen protector films are superior to any adhesive screen protector on the market today. With NuShield’s innovative “winged” protectors you can simply slide the film into the space between the device’s LCD screen and its case. This will give you the clearest look at the screen and make it feel like there is nothing there.

For larger type screens without the gap between the screen and the case, NuShield places a 3/16 inch adhesive strip around the perimeter of the non-adhesive film to hold the screen protector in place. This works well on films that are over 10 inches diagonal and the adhesive strip will still allow see through to the information on the LCD screen.