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Do You Want A Screen Protector With Your Fries?

When you place your order at your favorite fast food restaurant, have you noticed that the person behind the counter is using an electronic display screen to enter your order? This process not only helps to get your order to the kitchen area faster and accurately, but more importantly, provide information to help management identify popular menu selections. But for devices like this, screen protection is very important.

Touch Screen Protection

The electronic touch screen on the POS display is sensitive to the touch and needs to be protected from scratches caused by sharp fingernails. NuShield films also provides screen protection from the repetitive tapping and help to extend the life of the display by keeping dirt, dust and grease away from the device. And when used in the kitchen area, the grease from the fryers can splatter on the screen. Protection is important.

Why is NuShield Easy to Use?

Because the LCD display screen on these POS devices can cost over $500 to replace, many restaurants have turned to NuShield to provide a screen protection film that acts as a barrier to protect the sensitive LCD display screens from damage. NuShield offers anti-glare screen protectors to help users see the screen more clearly. The screen protector is held to the screen using a thin "post-it" type adhesive strip that fits over the display screen. Because of this method, the films are easily removable for cleaning when surface wiping is not enough.

Long lasting screen protection

NuShield screen protection films last about one year under normal conditions. Over the past year, thousands of restaurants have installed NuShield screen protectors, and NuShield has received many positive comments from restaurant managers. NuShield screen protectors are currently available for POS display devices by 26 manufacturers. This list is constantly growing.