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NuShield® Antiglare vs. DayVue™ films What’s the difference?

NuShield® films are available in antiglare (both NuShield AG and Triple A™ are antiglare) and DayVue™ film. These films have very different light control characteristics. All antiglare films scatter reflected light while DayVue™ film cancels reflected light. This makes images appear differently on screens and they are used for different purposes.

Below are three pictures of films outdoors under a shaded porch on a bright sunny day.

Outside Film Comparison

The photo of the bare screen display is dark and hard to see as the bright indirect glare overwhelms the backlight.

When the antiglare film is applied, the bright glare still overwhelms the backlight and the display is difficult to see. It also adds haze to the image as all antiglare films have a matte (roughened) surface that scatters light, but also results in a slight loss in clarity. Reflections are still noticeable but are “fuzzy”.

When the DayVue™ antireflective film is installed you can readily see that the display is clearer and brighter with no haze. However, even the DayVue film will not handle direct sun because the strength of the light source overwhelms the film’s ability to cancel glare. A weak reflection can still be seen.

Inside Film Comparison

When this experiment is repeated indoors with a strong light source above the display the results are similar.

The bare screen shows strong reflections, but it is visible. The best way to use a device without a screen protector is away from strong light sources.

With the antiglare film installed, the reflections are minimized, but the film still adds some haze. If you plan to use your device mostly indoors then this film is the right one for you.

With the DayVue™ film installed the display is clear, but still shows weak reflections because it is a glossy film. This film should be installed if you plan to use your device at least some of the time outside or in an area with strong light sources.

If you have glare from reflected images - use Triple A film to remove them.

Triple A antiglare film has a matte finish and does add some haze. It can also darken if exposed to very bright sun.

Inside Film Comparison