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Libraries use Screen Protectors to Protect LCD Monitors and Eliminate Unsightly Fingerprints

If you have not been to your local library lately you will be amazed to find that they do more than just lend books or offer a quiet place to read and study. Today's libraries are equipped with computers and are used as another source of reference by visitors.

Most libraries are equipped with flat panel LCD monitors which take up minimal space, but are harder to keep clean. Old CRT monitors had glass screens which could be wiped off easily even if someone decided to use a magic marker as they were reading information. However, LCD displays are not as sturdy and have to be protected more proactively.

Oily fingers, accidental pen marks, or just smaller children wiping their hands on the screen can make the monitor look unsightly. Once a scratch or magic marker is on the screen, it is very hard if not impossible to remove it.

This need to preserve and protect public property is the key reason that more libraries are turning to NuShield as the solution. By installing a NuShield anti-glare screen protector film, libraries have taken a proactive step to protecting their monitors against scratches, pen marks and direct contact, as well as hide fingerprints and reduce the amount of UV rays and glare that bounces back onto the user's eyes from the screen.

The non-adhesive anti-glare film is easy to install without worries about bubbles. The film just slips into the gap that exists between the display screen and the casing of the monitor. Once installed, the film stays in place no matter how many fingers brush along the screen. And the NuShield film can be easily wiped off to remove pen marks or dirty fingerprints thereby preventing harm to the LCD screen.

For monitors without a gap or where the gap is too wide, NuShield places a double-sided adhesive tape around the perimeter of the film. The film works exactly the same way and the film can be removed, cleaned on the inside and easily replaced since the tape has similar properties found on a Post-It Note paper.

NuShield anti-glare films are available in all sizes up to 50'' diagonal and are used extensively in office environments to protect workers from headaches caused by screen glare from overhead lighting.

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