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NuShield PDA Screen Protectors are the most advanced products you can buy today. But, don't take our word for it, read the comments below sent in by satisfied NuShield customers.

The installation of this product went as expected and has restored the "new" look to my car. I am very happy with this product, and anyone that thinks $18 is too much for a piece of plastic hasn't tried to find the correct shade, cut, and attempt to adhere it to the screen. This product works.
Sam Richards, Rio Vista, CA

I am completely satisfied....installation was a breeze with your instructions and I am 100% pleased. Thank you,
Scott Carpenter, Rome NY

My apologies for taking so long in getting back to you; the new film arrived just fine. I have installed it & it works great! You all have been great to work with, very responsive, much appreciated. If you need a very positive review on one of the services, let me know. Thanks again for all your help.
Rick Kriwanek, Los Angeles, CA

I really appreciate you taking the time to review what I had tried to order, vs. what I did. I didn't think your company would be matching the two and checking to see if this was correct.  All I can say is OUTSTANDING - this is the type of service I would love to see with companies and something very lacking.
Rachael Grout, Pinebluff, NC

Thank you, I am hopeful once I get one of my websites up and running to include a link to your website.  I am working full time and also going to college full time for Emergency and Disaster Management and a minor in Intelligence Studies.  Currently I belong to IAEM and am on two committees. I am planning on expanding to reach gov. and civilian needs.  I will probably reach out to your firm as a potential reseller in the near future.

Great product! I have it installed on my computer at work and it has eliminated the glare & reflections from the windows behind me.
KJ, Edgewater, MD

This afternoon I went to the post office and collected my NuShield anti-glare screen, and I thought you may like to know what this customer thinks . . .

  • Generally there is definite improvement, even after only 15 mins use!  Barbara likes it too.
  • The sheet of instructions was clear, and simple to understand. The images helped tremendously.
  • Installed almost bubble-free.The few small ones may disappear with time.
  • The size was exactly right for my Mac.
  • I had built a crude wooden cradle to allow the screen to face the ceiling, and this proved invaluable. Not everyone would need a cradle but I have very limited use of one arm.
  • A tiny bit of uncertainty about peeling off the film that is on the sticky side. Reason made me choose "Sticky side down" ( a phrase you could use in the installation sheet)
  • Finally, you seemed uncertain where Kelowna, B.C.  is, and my advice is to come here for a holiday!

Thanks for you very personal help in the early stages.
John Cameron, Kelowna, B.C., Canada

Own a shield used on another device. It has been the best one I've ever used. Love the lack of fingerprints and glare.
- GH, Harvest, AL

Hello, Wanted to let you know the Dayvue anti-glare screens that we purchased work remarkably!! The sun is bright and coming in right behind me onto my screens and I don’t even need to close the blinds!! I do have bubbles, but hopefully they will disappear in a few days. Just installed the screens this morning. Thanks and I will be telling others at Air Products and home that have problems with glare about your product. Thanks,
- Donna Knight, Allentown, PA

Thank you so much for your reply.  I just placed my order on line and wanted to say that your customer service has been just great.  You answered my questions very efficiently and very promptly.  Your web site, as well, is very good in providing info on your products.  Thanks again.
- Henry Goy, Vernon, BC, Canada

Hi,Just received my NuShield that you mailed me because I messed up on the first two installs. I am very impressed with your customer service policy. My sincere Thanks,
- Jim Ferere, Stockbridge, MA

The Nushield film has been installed on my Sony TV. It was easy to install, and does a good job eliminating reflections on the TV screen. I am very satisfied. Thanks for your help.
- Joe Reeves, Trinity, FL

I received my NuShield DayVue today and just installed it. Beautiful. Just what I was looking for. Thanks!
- Michael Spain, Dallas, TX

Just wanted to thank you SO much for my Triple A screen shield. It's great!! No more burning and sore eyes!! You guys are tops!!!
- Marcy Commons, Knightstown, IN

My name is Ron & purchased an anti-glare, non-adhesive protection film for my Lenovo E520 notebook. I didn't notice the actual product on their website so I contacted customer service & provided the measurements. Customer service responded promptly & designed the protector to my specifications & within days, the protector arrived & fit perfectly. I highly recommend the anti-glare, non-adhesive protector as it provides protection. Thank you for manufacturing an excellent & from my perspective, an important product. Respectfully,
- Ron Fiat, Harriman, NY

Hi. I am taking the time to email you in regards to the DayVue screen protector for my Nexus 7 I received two days ago. A product like this deserves some feedback.

I am currently in the process of installing my Nexus 7 into the dash of my car to be used as a replacement for my radio. It will be viewed in landscape. Visibility was not an issue. So I thought. Until I found out about the polarization of the screen. A while ago I had laser corrective surgery for my eye sight. This has worked perfectly for me with the only adverse effect being light sensitivity. To help with this, I wear polarised sunglasses during the day, especially whilst driving. This makes it impossible to read anything on the screen of the Nexus 7 whilst viewing it in landscape. After trying a couple cheap $1 screen protectors (which never installed correctly and were instantly thrown in the bin) I began researching polarised screen protectors and found your website. I then read several reviews on the DayVue protector I took the plunge and spend the $30AUD needed to purchase and ship to me.


The postman had happily jammed the envelope into the small metal letterbox where it stayed all day until I collected it after work. We were onto our fourth day of 45 degree Celsius (about 113 Fahrenheit.)  This did a great job of baking the protector into the curved shape the postman had left it in. I thought it was doomed. There was no way it would stick to the screen now surely. I was wrong. I tried to carefully curl it back to a flat shape with my hands. That wasn't going to happen. I also noticed a scratch that ran diagonally from corner to corner that I'm guessing was a result of the careful postman. Great... So I tried to install it anyway. It's worth a shot. My first attempt wasn't central on the screen. Yet it stuck. I thought the adhesive may have been affected from the heat yet it was still good. "This is promising." I lifted it completely off the screen, repositioned it and laid it back down. Perfect. No air bubbles. It laid flat without the edges peeling up from being cooked like it was wrapped around a large pipe. After peeling off the top protective layer, I noticed the scratch was only on it and not the screen protector itself. The finish of it is clear and easy to look through. I was very happy with the result yet I still needed to try my sunglasses. So out the front of my house, in full Australian summer sunlight with my sunglasses. I can very easily read the screen in both portrait and landscape. I couldn't be happier.

Your product is excellent. I usually don't take time to write such a large emails just on something I have purchased, yet it is always good to hear the positive news. You have gone above and beyond my expectations. As said earlier, I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for such an excellent product.
- Ron Freeman, Victoria, Austalia

Triple A film for TOSHIBA SATELLITE C850/02D- Just to let you know the Triple A film arrived on the weekend and my sister was there to put it on for Mum. It was a perfect fit and does a great job I am told. She is very happy with it. Thank you so much for all your help and speedy delivery. It has been much appreciated. Cheers,
- R.O., Masterton, New Zealand

We received the shields today. Thank you so much...we love them. We may be ordering some more soon. Thanks again,
-Scott Windmiller

Awesome product!! I just installed the Triple A screen protector on my Sony Touch screen laptop and LOVE IT!!  I have only had laptop for 4 months and already have 4 different screen protector "antiglare" and was starting to believe an effective one did not exist until installing your's. Install was slightly easier than the one's you buy on amazon and ebay BUT the quality of film and the adhesive is significantly more consistent with your material.  And because I have a touch screen LCD, the anti-fingerprint ability is incredible. This should come with ALL glossy screened (esp touch screen) laptops straight from the mfg, else laptop is pretty much unusable. Since I did not purchase through ebay or amazon, I don't know where to place a positive review for you but felt compelled to do so.
- Terry Tam, Danville, CA

Fantastic product!!! Just a quick not to say thank you. My Audi R8 had a thumbprint on the Nav screen that I wiped off very carefully with windex. The windex apparently removed a very delicate coating, ruining the appearance. Audi wanted 5K$ to replace the unit. Are they out of their minds? There was nothing wrong with the nav other than the appearance of the screen. What a bad design.  But I am super picky and could not live with it. I called your tech line. Your tech was great. Suggested the right nushield item, and off I went. Did I say I was picky...I wanted the repair to be perfect, nothing less. I prepared the surface, and removed the remaining factory coating. I applied the Nushield, and did not let me down. Is it possible that this cover was better than the stock appearance...well it is. Unbelievable. Your product is exceptional. Congratulations. You made the top of my list for good things that can happen when involved with the drudgery of car repairs. Thank you.
- Tom B., Phoenix, AZ

I am very impressed with your customer service. I did not find the screen protector I needed listed on your website. I e-mailed your customer service to see if you had a protector suitable for my tablet. I had an e-mail answer within a few hours. This was on Labor Day! You asked a few questions about my specific model. The next day I received another e-mail. You had updated your website. My computer make and model were now displayed. I am very impressed.
- Victoria McGrath, McKinney, TX

I just wanted to drop you a note thanking you for the awesome NuShield AG Antiglare film for my 32 inch LCD LG screen. There is absolutely no loss of clarity with the film in place, only a major loss of annoying and probably damaging glare and UVB rays. I no longer have to use my flip-up sunglasses while watching the tube or using my computer! In fact, I think I notice a tad bit more clarity after cleaning the screen with the Klear Screen Wipes before applying the film. After watching TV for quite a while last night, it is evident that there is more clarity just by the glare being gone, which enables you to even see skin tones better. And,installation was quite easy with the excellent instructions. Thanks again!
- Fred Belcher Jr, Henrico, VA

Thank's a bunch, Let me know when I should expect them, I can't do with out them. I've had them on my monitors since I received them, won't work on my computer never again with out them, Excellent product!!!
- DB, Milwaukee, WI

I love your product! I've installed on vehicle NAV screens, headrest monitors, now I'm going to try it on my Galaxy S4.
-Daniel, Rockledge, FL

I just received a replacement film from you free of charge and I would like to extend my thanks for your excellent customer support. I have been using your products for a few years now and I have been very pleased with the superior quality and functionality. Your customer service now stands equal to your product. I was willing to buy the replacement film since I don't think it was your product, but rather the device that I was installing it on that was causing the problem. However your willingness to meet my request and cut a custom size for me and then send it out to me free of charge speaks volumes for your commitment to customer care, which is a rare commodity these days. Thank you very much.
- Dan Anziano, Diamond Bar, CA

I just wanted to let you know how my Nushield worked out with my Lenovo ThinkPad T430.  It's GREAT!  The dimensions were slightly smaller than the screen area (which I think is expected in some instances) so I have a small border / gap which is OK.  I did have a slight scratch on my film (not sure if that was from me installing or if it was there previously) which is hardly noticeable when the device is powered on.  I will definitely recommend your product and look forward to working with you in the future with new devices!
- CC, Wixom, MI

At work I'm surrounded by harsh, bright overhead light and floor-to-ceiling windows. My flat screen monitor was highly reflective. I had daily problems with eye strain and dry eyes. In September I purchased a NuShield Triple A screen cover, and because of it I no longer have eye strain and dry eyes!! I am very relieved to finally have a solution. Now I feel better and can work better as well. Thanks again!
- Andrea, Columbus, OH

Thanks ! Great product, I have used several times.
- Alan Bishop, Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Sirs, I am very pleased to inform you that I received the Triple A film a couple of weeks ago and installed it successfully. The results were perfect; it fit exactly, it eliminated the problematic glare/reflection and was less susceptible to finger prints. Many thanks for your problem resolution and excellent customer support. Given this good outcome, I look forward to repeat business with Nushield, and also recommend it to friends.
- Abdulrahman Al Tamimi, UAE

Thank you very much! Customer service was very helpful with everything! They understood my needs for protecting my PC!!!
- Amaranta, Boca Raton, FL

I have been using your NuShield DayView product on my Craig TV for about a week. I am using the TV to view live video from a Radio Controlled model airplane that is flying around our RC site. The TV sits in the back of my minivan under the raised tailgate, and is angled slightly upward for viewing from a standing position. Before I applied your product, the sky and trees reflected strongly off the smooth glass face of the TV, and made the video image almost impossible to see. After applying your film, the reflections were reduced so much that the live video picture shows through clearly. Overall, an amazing improvement in viewing quality! I am very pleased with your product and will recommend you to anyone who needs help seeing a screen in difficult viewing situations. Thank You!
- Tom Pepper, Jackson, MI

I was just looking online for the best screen protector in the world and you guys were it.  You should give me a discount and ill tell all my nerdy friends to buy here too. All the gagets they have.
- Wesley Howard, Portland, OR

I recently purchased an anti-glare screen from your company for my Dell E6400 laptop and can not begin to tell you how much improved my eyes feel during and at the end of a long work day. Your product is the best thing that has happened to my eyes in 20 years. I will continue to recommend it to everyone I know. Bravo you NuShield!
- Robert Suarez, Worcester, MA

I received and installed the new shield and it works very good, I am impressed with your product, you service, your customer support, very hard to find these days.I will spread the word about my experience and knowledge of your company, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
- Richard Miller, Chiloquin, OR

I'm a 48 years old digital artist earning a living in the 2D/3D animation industry... I just installed a triple A NuShield screen protector over my Wacom 24HD Touch, and I LOVE it!!... It took me half an hour for installation, and I got rid of the "bubbles" very easily... I plan to order the same for my Wacom Intuos 5... We have two Wacom 22HD digital tablets at work, and I will definitely try to convince my employer to buy NuShield protectors for them... Thanks a lot for helping me protecting my investment!
- Robert Rivard, QC, Canada

Great customer support, I just entered the info in the data base and couldn't believe how quick it was on the site. Thanks !!
- Cape Cod boater, Dennis, MA

HI, the package you sent arrived today. This time I tested the size of the screen before removing the protections. It fits well and I have installed it on my PC. I'm extremely pleased with the final result of this 'lengthy' process. Thanks for everything.
- PA, Madrid, Spain

Thank you for my order it was exactly what I was looking for and it shipped out to me really fast. :0) Thanks again and keep up the great customer service and work that you all do at the Nushield Company.
- Noretha Humphreys, San Leandro, CA

I think you guys have the best screen protectors! Thank you for being you! I researched over many different screen protectors on google and by far yours is grade a. I can not wait till I get mine after this order because my wacom cintiq 12wx is serious need of one because I recently got random scratches. Thanks! :)
- MH, Cherry Hill, NJ

Just wanted to let you know that I received and installed the protective film on the nav screen of my 2009 Mercedes Benz. The installation was very easy and I am amazed at the difference. It is as if the screen is brand new. Everything is crystal clear and I am able to see the screen in bright sun light.

Thanks for a great product. I will be letting my fellow Benz owners who are experiencing the same problem that there is an inexpensive solution and one that produces dramatic results.
- Mark L. Amendola, PhD, Endicott, NY

Thank you so much. Quite frankly I am totally blown away by your customer service - responsiveness, understanding and willing to resolve issues.  I am definitely spreading the word around about your product and the company.
- LK, Newtown PA, Canada

Hi. I got my day-vue screen filter today and have installed it on my 16 inch laptop and I am very satisfied with the results. This has been exactly what i was looking for since I use my laptop on my boat for navigation and now I will be able to see whats on my screen in the sunlight. Thank you.
- Larry Anders, Thornhill ON, Canada

I dont know if I did, but I recently purchased a DayVue anti-glare from your organisation and let me tell you that I was very impressed with your service & product. I will not hesitate to refer you company to my friends.
- Claude Laprade, Gatineau QC, Canada

It installed in under 2 minutes and is everything I was looking for. No more glaring and distracting reflections. It gives me the screen that I wanted when I purchased my laptop. Thanks for a wonderful product.
- Lloyd C, Bountiful, UT

Thank you for providing dayvue for 7 inch tablets. I absolutely love them, and I was looking specifically for an option to reduce glare on tablets used in my company.
- KH, Huntsville, AL

The DayVue Screen protector you recommended, item # NU388A, fits perfectly and works great.  It enhances the crispness of especially the written words on the screen, making reading a lot easier on this small display, and reduces the sun glare when outside.  I will recommend this product to my friends.
- KK-J, Landenberg, PA

When I ordered my touch screen phone, I also ordered a \'anti-glare\' screen. I put it on my phone and within a week it was scratched up from my stylus. I received the dayvue protector yesterday and placed it on my phone this morning, immediately I noticed a huge difference. This screen puts the other one to shame. It is a lot thicker and had only 1 small bubble when installing it which went right away. Thank you for making such a great product. Will recommend to friends.
- Karen Zelno, Valatie, NY

I heard about you through the Ford Edge forum over a year ago.  I ordered your product for my new 2012 Edge and use it on the touch screen.  The "touch" functionality was not affected at all, and the screen itself is much easier to read.  It's a very noticeable improvement.  A friend with the same screen on a new Ford Taurus recently noticed how my screen was much more viewer friendly than his.  Everyone with a Ford touch screen should be using this.
- James Mills, Macomb, MI

I really really like your website. The fact that you have a BACK button on this page is amazing - too many businesses fail to give the user what they want because they can get away with it. Props to you guys for having a website that made me so glad to purchase from you. Seriously - this huge and many businesses don't realize it. I really liked the technology explanation for the DayVue and the AntiGlare. I especially like the humbleness of saying, "we simply duplicate what your screen already does" instead of failing to explain anything and just try to sell it. Thank you for serving the customer! I would highly recommend you to anyone - well, let me try the product first :-) best online purchase experience I've had in a while if not ever - almost done.
- JK, Thoreau, NM

In April I bought a Nushield antiglare film for my computer monitor screen owing to severe eyestrain and at that time also changed the print setting to 125%. Having tested this for more than a month I am pleased to report consistent and significant relief to my eyes.  For a long time I have used eyedrops, done the exercises of looking to distance and closeup, taking periodical breaks from the computer, changing the lighting, etc., but this was never enough. I really appreciate my Nushield antiglare film!
- Judith H, Squamish BC, Canada

I fitted the screen this morning and properly took the computer outside and was very pleased with the readability of the screen. Previously, I had to wear a dark colored shirt to read almost anything on the glossy screen. I'm looking forward to taking it out into Nature with me now and doing some work. Thanks a lot for a great product.
- Terry Hitzke, Brisbane, Australia

BTW, the Dayvue is an awesome product...Probably have it on a couple dozen devices now, from the laptop to GPS to cameras.  Now whenever purchasing new electronics with displays I automatically buy a cover and install usually before I even start using it.
- Gary Garman, La Verne, CA

I've received the product on Tuesday and I'm very satisfied with the product. I'm sure I'll recommend it to my friends and order products from NuShield again.
- FC, Hong Kong

Placed an order for your DayVue film to install on the navigation screen in a 2013 Ford Taurus.  A little nervous at first about installing, but after thoroughly cleaning the screen of fingerprints and using compressed air to blow away any remaining dust, I decided to go for it. Took my time and installation was very easy and the results look superb!
- F, Linton, VA

I have a DayVue on my Versa that I am very satisfied with.One of your competitors product has not worked nearly as well on my Integra.It is time for a replacement and I am going with the BEST!
- Dean, Grinnell, IA

Love your products, use it for everything! What can't I use it on? That's the real question.

These two applications worked GREAT! I really appreciate you guys working with me on this. My NAV screen is so much better to look at now. It practically looks like a I have a totally new screen. The cuts were spot on with the size of the screens for the both the NAV and DVD screens.
- Danny Valdes, Rockledge, FL

Thank you for the replacement. I just installed it and it is exactly what I needed.  The glare is almost gone and the image is good. I appreciate your willingness to stand behind your products and to recommend a new product and to provide a replacement. I will recommend you to my colleagues when they have a similar problem.
- Prof. Dave Retterer, Ada, OH

This will be my third or fourth time with your product and I am extremely satisfied.
- David Binkele, Minooka, IL

Thank you so much for all your help. I've already, started telling people about your wonderful company and great product.
- Cindy Coates, Irvine, CA

We used your product just last month on my Wife's iPhone 4S,it worked better than anything we've tried on any of our technology products. Home run.
- Byron Harper, San Antonio, TX

First of all I want to say thank you for making such a great product. Purchased it for my 2012 ford focus and it actually looks better now then when it had no screen protector.
- Billy Dana, Porter, TX

Just want to write to let you know how pleased I am with the anti-glare screen. I first contacted you as I could not find my particular model of laptop (Toshiba Qosmio F50-11Y) on your website except for later versions and I wasn't sure they were compatible. You promptly replied asking for specifications and then again you promptly replied with a version that would fit and it does and I can now sit in my office without any horrible glare from the window behind me. Great customer service and a great product - thank you
- Annetta B, Hove UK

I want to thank you for your nushield we use for my daughters computer. She suffered from seizures so bright flashing light made her have one. Well...with the nushield on her computer screen....IT HAS HELPED HER GREATLY BY DECREASING THE GLARE! Thank you very much for this excellent product!
- CS, Houston, TX

You guys are super awesome… oh so super awesome. I bought the screen protector for my NAV screen on my Ford Fusion from you. I'll never buy screen protectors anywhere else. Keep on rocking that party.
- Samuel Stolpe, Falls Church, VA

Just wanted you to know that the anti-glare screen protector I bought from you was the perfect size for the Archos 101, and it works as advertised. I never really used the tablet without it, but from what other owners have said, it seems the device is like a mirror without it. Thanks again for all your help and quick responses and shipping of the item. You guys are great.
- Scott Emery, Rector, PA

Nice! HP was nuts to put a high-gloss finish on their laptop screens. I applied my DayVue film this morning and have been working all day without having to alter position to try and see through the glare - there is no glare! The reflection is still there, but easy to see through. Odds are there will be several orders from others in the office soon. Excellent product!
- S Ryan, Barre, VT

I want to let you know I received the film. It was in good condition, no flaws, scratches, etc. You have a good, solid product that I would recommend it without reservation. I also want to thank you for the excellent customer service & appreciate your efforts on my behalf.
- Scott Montgomery, Bellingham, WA

Received this yesterday. Took it to work to do this - no cat hair there. In a word, OUTSTANDING! Just what the doctor ordered. Thanks again, and good luck to you.
- RG, Chittenango, NY

I would just like to thank you very much for the screen cover. It is wonderful. My eyes do not hurt nearly as much, and I can use my 'puter all day if i so desire, even when the sun is shinning in the windows and reflecting off the floor.
- Ramona Searle, Lyle, WA

I am a return customer - your dayvue is about the most impressive thing I have ever seen. I have told several people about your Dayvue product, and demonstrated it with my HP DM1Z Netbook. I just love this stuff - - so I ordered your 5" Cut Kit so I can try it on my cellphone and camera. Thanks for such a good product.
- Rich Barbre, Earth City, MO

Sorry about the lengthy delay in replying to your kindness, major problems with my computer. I received the film ok, again many thanks. The film worked perfectly on my camera during our holiday to the States, driving through Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska, and as you can imagine we had many days of brilliant sunshine and clear skies, and the film was ideal in those conditions, and made the viewing of the camera's LCD much clearer. Again many thank and best wishes to everyone at Nushield Dayvue,
- Patricia Bache, Staffordshire, England

I applied a DayVue protector to my Anywhere Map Quadra. It works much better than any other screen protector I have used! I am very pleased with your product and I constantly recommend it to my friends. I can't wait to try one on my car's gps.
- Mike C, Allentown, NJ

THANK YOU! My replacement NuShield iPhone antireflective screen protectors arrived in the mail yesterday; can't wait to put it on!

Once again, I'd like to say a MAJOR thanks for your OUTSTANDING (and quite unexpected, surprising and refreshing, I might add LOL) customer service. I'm "talking your company up" to all my boating friends in particular, as the shield is a Godsend for GPS/Sonar/Fish Finder out on the water!
- Mary Gentile, Matlacha, FL

I have NuShield on everything that I own … maybe I will get something new very soon!

NuShield is a great product. Those of us that use computers and monitors for navigation on the waterways cannot do without NuShield! It works great inside the car when polarized glasses are used.
- MH, Gray, TN

Thank you. OMG I can actually see what's on my screen now. Thank you again.
- Michelle K, Australia

Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon. I love your screen protectors, they are the best ones I have ever used. I have ordered and cannot wait to receive.

You guys came highly recommended last year from the ladies on the Cricut message boards and they were so spot on.
- Linda K, Lutz, FL

Last year I ordered my first NuShield HP anti-glare/protector for an HP 22", film had three tiny scratches when it arrived. I called and expected something like; "it was perfect when it left" – Not so. Within 5 days (amazing, mainland to Hawaii) a replacement arrived. I agree with the others... Customer Service is superb! The next GOOD NEWS; received an iPad for 75th birthday, and just installed your DayVue.. Easy, and amazing! Hint; just be certain to read the instructions all the way through first.

I'm at a loss for adjectives to describe how fantastic NuShield products are, and I recommend one for every iPad owner.
- Kitti Ford-Scholz, Kaneohe, HI

I don't need any at the moment but thought I would tell you that the ones I got for my boat are working great. Less glare and no waterspots.
- Kevin Hinkemeyer, St Augusta, MN

Superb customer service. Answered all my questions! I will try this and then hopefully be coming back for all my other electronics!!
- Kelly, London, UK

I installed your DayVue film on my glossy LG 23" monitor screen. I followed the instructions, to the letter, illustrated on the video. I did a lot of research on the web looking for the best screen protector to minimize glare and I am glad I choose yours.

I want to thank you for a great product.

The LG computer monitor I have is high resolution, but the glossy screen interfered with my full enjoyment. Before installing your film I was experiencing eye strain from the reflections from the room on the screen. The reflections have been eliminated and I feel like I have a new monitor with a whole new viewing experience.
- KH, Philadelpia, PA

I was already a customer and was happy with the product and excellent service. Your customer service and shipping department are excellent. I've sent emails on Sundays and received responses within minutes. Truly amazing service.
- JC, Carmichael, CA

I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with your Day Vue screen protector. It allows my daughter to use her AAC Springboard device outside. It also is great because it protects the screen from scratches and it's easy to clean off her sticky fingerprints at the end of the day!

I definitely think you should contact the **** **** Co. and introduce them to your products. These AAC devices are not cheap and your screens definitely enhance their usability prolong the screen life.
- Jemima Thomas, San Diego, CA

»I've just installed your NuShield DayVue product on my Edge as instructed. Not only does it meet all expectations and features, it appears to far exceed them! The screen image appears "brighter", the touch sensitivity seems improved, and so far no fingerprints! The sensitivity maybe my wishful thinking though. Now if it only lasts awhile...

I have a HP Laptop that can only used in the darkest areas of the airport because of screen washout. I'm ordering your screen cover for my laptop today.
- John, San Diego, CA

Wow, just wow, I can actually sit with my back to the sun and turn the lapotop screen backlight off, and see things clearly. I'm majorly in awe. I am simply amazed at being able to take my laptop outside again. I have used all manner of different techniques but am simply amazed at the dayvue screen protector all the best, and thank you.
- Joseph Kane, Bow, UK

I received this yesterday, thank you for the very fast shipping! I have installed it and it does fit on my HP G62-367DX laptop. A small screwdriver is useful is slightly lifting the plastic edge around the screen so that the film can slip under as the casing around the screen fits very tightly. The difference is enormous making the screen much easier to view now. I appreciate your help in a proper sizing for my laptop and very pleased with your excellent product.
- Jeffrey Corcoran, Lakeside, CA

Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my antiglare screen protector. I have had a real problem with reflective glare from windows and lights for sometime. It's not always easy to reposition monitors to solve this problem. Your product has made working much more comfortable. Your packaging and service were also excellent. I will be pleased to mention your products and company in my circle of travels.
- Harry Johnston,

Once again thank you for the excellent service, it is so good of you to send a replacement and your products will certainly be recommended. We have just returned from a holiday to Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota, the shield on my second camera was perfect in the bright sunshine, and made viewing far easier.
- Howard Bache, Burton-on-Trent, England

Postage took almost 4 weeks to reach here and, having suffered frustration earlier trying to fit another supplier's iPad screen cover, I delayed fitting your product fearing more frustration. I shouldn't have worried. I fitted your products today to both my iPad and MacBook Air and it proved so easy, as you suggested. No air bubbles or anything. Thanks.
- FR, Bahrain

Thank you, you guys are the best. I need to go on your site and put my comments because I've used everything from ******** and ******* and I don't praise any product unless I really love it and I absolutely love your product. It stays in place and doesn't harm the expensive computer screens. Can't wait to get the new one. Have a great day!
- Dina, Fuquay Varina, NC

I just wanted to say thank you for your help. The replacement film you sent absolutely did the trick. It has eliminated almost all of the glare off my plasma tv, and there is only minimal loss of clarity, if any at all.

I thought I had been scammed at first, but it turned out I simply ordered the wrong product to begin with. Your customer service was very quick and helpfulat solving the problem.
- David Winkel, Hugo, MN

Thank you for this and the best iPad product and support ever!
- CK, Kailua, HI

I put my antiglare film on my tv! It looks so great, my kids say it even looks better than the original. I would like to post on your website the excellent nature of your product. I would like to be succinct and give you the best press that I can. Congratulations on a great product, well-priced.
- Catherine Dougherty, Greenwich, CT

Thank you for your great service and quick postage of the item I purchased, I found it to be better than described.
- Chris, Adelaide, Australia

I wanted to let you know that the shield arrived and I installed it per the enclosed detailed instructions. It fits my HP Pavilion dv4-2165dx perfectly. And the shield helps unfortunately the combination of the HP screen on this model and the window behind my desk still make the reflection too much for me. I am now ordering curtains for the window.

Thanks for all your help, your instructions are detailed and easy to follow and your service was great.
- BV, Waitsfield, VT

Great product to use on marine electronics. I have tried several other brands and none even come close to being as effective or ease to install. Keep up the good work.
- Alton Sing, Elizabethtown, NC

Dear Sirs, just wanted to say your product deliver's as advertised. I installed your shield on my Lexus SC 430 in 10 minutes. Many thanks to your support team for advising me on removing remaining anti-glare coating with ammonia based cleaner. Worked like a charm. I would highly recommend your product to others.
- Bruce Majka, Merrritt Island, FL

I am very pleased with my NuShield DayVue that I purchased for my Garmin 160C units, and the customer service is great. There was a misunderstanding on my order, I was sent one NuSield instead of two, when I called to question it I really expected to have issues or but this is our policy stuff that a customer gets from most companies when an order is wrong, not this time.

You guys admitted to the mistake and said it would be made right and it was without any futher questions or me getting angry or upset, I was truely surprised. As for the picture of the DayVue, it is remarkable,to say I am pleased is an understatement, I am truely amazed! If you have any type of decals to place on my boat or car I would be more than happy to place them on my vehicle or boat so that when asked I could show the product and tell of your great customer service,you guys are #1 in my books. Once again, thanks for a great product and exceptional service.
- Michael Morrow, Alvarado, TX

Thanks for your e-mail. I will definitely buy NuShield again when I purchase a new touchscreen device. I have NuShield on my HP iPaq 612C for the first time. Previously, I had different generations of Palm's then a Dopod. All of the previous screen protectors had some limitation. They wereeither durable but fuzzy, or clear but not durable. My NuShield screen protector is the clearest and toughest of all by far.
- LinoMontuno, Victoria, Austrailia

I have just applied and tested tested my screen on my 17 inch laptop (I'm on vacation) and it seems good. I still have a couple of bubbles, but I need to wait till I get home to use tape to remove that area as it may be a dust spot. Took it outside and it's great. I would now like to put one on my mini laptop that I have just ordered for traveling. Thank you for a great product.
- Ann Jordan-Mills, Written Words Copywriting and Consulting, Didsbury, AB, Canada

I installed on my MFD83d I liked so much I am putting it on my fishfinder also.
- MB, Peabody, MA

I phoned you a couple of weeks ago and just got around to putting the film on my SL550 as the other person who had the same issue and want to say thanks for saving me thousands of dollars. It actually looks better than when I first got the car brand new. Thanks.
- BH, Kirkland, WA

I have already received and installed this item and would like NuShield to know that I couldn't be happier with it. It seems to be the perfect solution to my problem and furthermore, I would like everyone there to know that I appreciate the great customer service I have received during this transaction.
- DW, Waukegan, IL

Just got and installed the screen. It looks great, adds a little glare but thats fine. This was my second attempt at getting a screen protector for this laptop, the first one I received was from ******** and was absolutely horrible, didn't fit, was more expensive, and relied on tape to stick to the screen. I'm using the touchscreen version of this laptop, which is why I was looking for a screen protector. Hopefully it lasts a long time. Thanks for your support.
- AC, State College, PA

This works great! It was great to be able to sit outside on our deck in full sunlight today and be able to read our laptop screens. We could not be more pleased. Thank you for your excellent customer service.
- SW, Liverpool, NY

To all the team at NuShield, I can't believe the difference the DayVue screen has made to my Lowrance display in my boat and have been recommending it to all the fisho's i know in Darwin .What are the possibilities of becoming a distributor here in Australia as the amount of marine units here in the tropics is incredible and i'm sure there would be a ready market for all your products. Bestregards
- Steve Jones, Darwin, Australia

I have recently returned from an extended business trip to Japan. I had purchased and received a NuShield for my laptop just days before leaving in the summer. Unfortunately since my laptop was a newer model, the NuShield did not fit. However, you were generous enough to send me a replacement while I was in Japan. Having bought a NuShield for every laptop I have ever owned, I have always known you made a great product. But now I know your customer service also goes above and beyond expectations, and for that I am truly impressed & grateful. I couldn't find many similar products to the NuShield in Japan, and those that I did find were either inferior or simply didn't fit. All the more reason why I was ecstatic when my replacement arrived. Again, GREAT JOB & All the best in 2010!
- RF, Niagara Falls, ON

The filter improves the contrast a lot in a New Hyundai Tucson where the display was almost unusable...Great!
- BZ, Escondido, CA

Any Screen that is touched (or poked with a thin metal rod) as a form of input gets NuShield on it ! Been a customer since 2004. This is for my wifes new GPS....In April she went to visit her school friend in Chi-Town, she almost made it to Iowa ! I told her she was way to valuable to me to I had to insure she got where she was going & made it home safe & sound!
- RG, Bloomfield Hills, MI

Just a quick note to say that I just received my NuShield order and I am very happy. it installed very easily and has made a huge difference tothe usability of my screen - I can't believe I have been tolerating reflections from my screen for such a long time until now! Many thanks
- Paul Wilson, Wellington, New Zealand

I have received the new DayVue screen protector for my ASUS UL30 notebook,and it fits perfectly. It does a brilliant job of reducing glare and reflections. I will be spreading the word about your wonderful product and service. Thanks again.
- Mike Yuen, Beijing, China

I received the replacement today. The fit and quality is great! I am extremely satisfied with this protector. Thank you for making the nonadhesive screen protector for me, and for the great customer service. I will definitely continue to use NuShield for any and all of my screen protector needs. Best regards,
- MW, Lexington, KY

I am a writer, and my favorite place to write is my back deck. Unfortunately, because of the glare/reflection, that has often meant squinting at the laptop screen 'til I get a headache, even if I sit under an umbrella. I am happy to report that the Nushield film has done what I hoped -- the screen looks absolutely normal, except that now I see the words on the screen (or images, when I'm researching) rather than my own face or the trees behind me! Aaaaahhh!
- Kathleen, Morrisville, VT

I love my nuShield! I had my doubts when I ordered it, but now it's in action and I can easily use my laptop outside. Really! It's a real breakthrough in the whole experience of having a mobile computer. Thanks for such a great product at a reasonable price. If I didn't already love my job as a teacher-librarian I'd sell NuShield at outdoor cafes!
- Ellen, Carlsbad, CA

Hello again, I just thought I would let you know that I received my order yesterday, for my 407SW GPS, here in South West France. I ordered it as the non-reflective coating on the GPS screen had been badly marked by the previous owner (a common problem I gather). I managed to polish off the original coating carefully with a paste chrome cleaner (Solvol Autosol) and after thorough cleaning applied the film. It is tricky to apply but I managed it successfully. The result is very good, and the screen now looks new. The only comment I would make is that perhaps the film should be have had a matt finish to reproduce better the original, but in general I am very pleased, and the alternative (to replace the console) would have been very expensive. Many thanks for your good product and helpful service. Kind regards,
- Retired Brit

This shield - for the POPULAR Amazon Kindle - was NOT easily located on your Web site. That's the bad news. The good news? An email inquiry to your EXCELLENT support staff was answered in just a couple MINUTES! And that's why I am back for more of your products: excellent quality AND support.
- CB ,Mira Loma, CA

Just want to let you know that I am very pleased with your product!! worked great!!! Truly again! you have made my toughbook have a new screen!
- Charles Dunn, Eau Claire, WI

Yours was the best screen protector I ever found for a Palm PDA. Now that I've "upgraded" to an HP IPAQ, I felt it only right that I go with your product again.
- GK, Morganton, NC

I just installed my new protector and everything is fantastic. I just wanted to touch base and thank you for all the help. A lot of companies could learn so much about customer service from you guys. Next time I need a protector I'll be heading your way. I'd highly recommend you guys to anyone I know.
- JC, Valley Center, CA

I installed your product today on my Garmin 4208,it is outstanding. I want to order one for my Furuno 620 Fishfinder.
- J. Guardabasso, Manahawkin, NJ

Just wanted to let you know how great your products have been over the years. I recently bought a Blackberry and a tablet PC and the first accessory I ordered was NuShields. The instructions are great, the added bonus of the tracing paper and tack cloth are great, and of course the protector once installed is virtually invisible. Thanks again for a great product!
- S Highfield, Scarborough, ON, Canada

Hey, I just wanted to let you know I'm loving my NuShields, thanks!
- S Klein, Irvine, CA

Got it in the mail. Love your product. The best that I have ever used.
- Nhan Do, Falls Church, VA

I have installed the Nushield on my Xenarc 800TSV and 1020TSV. Your product has transformed two items that were marginally useless for boating into decent quality products. Maybe you should contact Xenarc about using your product as a standard application for all of their units that are destined for the marine industry.
- M Herron, Gray, TN

Steve - As I mentioned before the 15 Meeting the "new technology" screen protector I just got has changed my laptop from "basically unusable" in sunlight to "f**king incredible". Unlike the cheap one (Ebay) I tried a couple of years ago this one went on easily and bubble free.The company's customer service was outstanding..answered my email on a Sunday! As mentioned , in spite cleaning carefully I still ended up with a couple of cat hairs entrapped underneath. Since short feline hairs are far smaller and lighter then human and can free float in air for a long time....strongly suggest installing in an environment that has never had feline visitors.
- J Bumgarner, San Francisco, CA

Many thanks. I fitted the LCD protector and found it to be excellent, taking away that irritating self-reflection without losing sharpness. I have passed on the details to two more of my friends who have the similar type of camera.
- David Roberts, FEPIC, AIIP, ANZPPA, ARPS; BC, Canada

Just wanted to send you a short note about the NuShield AG film that I ordered. The instructions were very clear, the product was easy to install, and the product was very effective in covering the damage to the original monitor face. Also, the little plastic "insertion tool" worked great (until it got knocked off the table and we couldn't find it) You may want to note that if the "insertion tool" is lost or broken or what-ever, a thin credit card or a Store discount card works very well. Thank you for your NuShield film.
- DH, Springfield, IL

I just wanted to say my Nushield arrvied today. Installed in seconds and best of all....NO BUBBLES....My laptops screen looks great and I am very happy with your product. My next purchase will be for my LCD desktop. Best product out there!
- A. Farlowe, indian Trail, NC

I recently received and installed your product NuShield DayVue with Antireflective Film for outside use on my Garmin 265T GPS. I used it with a hood for the GPS. I rode my maxi scooter about 1.5 hours and your product works as advertised. I could see my GPS screen just fine. My glare problem has been solved. Thank you for making such a cost effective solution available.
- Lojo, Merritt Island, FL

Your customer care is *****. I have rarely had such good service and from 4500 miles away to boot. The UK can learn a lot about good US service and it is so much more than just "have a nice day" Thanks again.
- Paul Langmaid, Cowbridge, England

I just received my NuShield for my grandson's 17" iMac. Installation was a breeze and it is a great product that fit perfectly. Previously I bought another brand shield from eBAY from a Hong Kong Seller, which costs more, and was nothing but trouble, bubbles bubbles and more bubbles - a real torture to install and it was made to stick on the screen not tuck in the case as with Nushield and I never did get the bubbles out. Thank you for a great product - I wish I bought it the first time.
- Andy, Staten Island, NY

I just got them, installed one easily, and absolutely love it! So far so good...the anti-glare works great and the scratch resistance likely works well in that the stylus glides effortlessly over the surface. Thanks again for excellent service and product!
- Dr. R. Horwitz, Bryn Mawr, PA

Product arrived in very good condition, and the antiglare sheet works perfectly on my laptop. It completely eliminates the terrible glare I had on the screen. The sheet is very easy to install and stays perfectly in place. I definitely will be recommending your website to several of my co-workers that have purchased new laptops.
- B.D., Carrollton, TX

I put my first NuShield on my HX4700 about a year ago, I'm still on the first film and I use it every day. Incredible product!
- Lee Raynor, Citra, FL

I have been using your products for over 5 years and just wanted to let you know they are the best. I've thrown out PDA's where the screen looks brand new.
- R.K., Arlington Heights, IL

I received the order today and put a protector on my Medion MD 96820. It's now installed after cleaning the screen as instructed. All 4 corners and the whole screen is protected with the NuShield "tucked" underneath everywhere. I'm very pleased with it. I must say that even with my "no glares" the screen brightness loss is nil if at all. That pleasantly surprised me. It looks good and now I won't have to worry as much about screen cleaning, scratches, protection, etc. THANKS!!!
- David McGuire, Towanda, PA

Thanks for another great product. Recently I purchased a screen protector for my HTC Mogul. The installation was easy and it works great. Earlier I tried another screen protector that came with my PDA and was applied with some sticky substance. The fit wasn't great and it started to peel on one side. This is my second purchase from your company and I wouldn't even consider getting anything else.
- Jack Mazur, Dryden, MI

Heard from various gaming forums, that you provide the best screen protection ever, and have tried using them with my old DS, I have to agree!
- Matthew Bassos, Brisbane, Australia

I have really been impressed with my current NuShield for my Palm. Now that my son has one we both are using NuShield!
- Susan Harmon, Lincoln, IL

I've been using one of your screen protectors on my Nokia N800 for about 3 weeks now and am very impressed!

This is my third screen protector: the first was a generic Fellowes which looked terrible. Then I bought a Martin Fields, which probably would have been good, if I hadn't dropped it on a dirty floor within 30 seconds of peeling the covering off (it landed adhesive side down, naturally!). So, I decided to try a non-adhesive screen protector. This is a very nice cover. Very little glare. Some slippage, especially when I use my finger to scroll rather than the stylus. But acceptable. I'll definitely be back when/if this ever wears out.
- Mitch Thompson, Helotes, TX

You have a fantastic product. I bought a 3-pack of PDA screen protectors for my iPaq 2215 so many years ago I can't even remember when -2003 ??? Anyhow, even though the package says to replace every 4 months, I have never replaced the protector (I do keep the unit in a hard shell)! It still looks and works great. Hope the new ones are as good!
- B. S., Oak Island, NC

You asked for a reply when I received my NuShield for my 2008 Honda CR-V Navigation screen. It fit perfectly and I am very happy with it. It is extra nice as it does not "stick" to the screen like the protectors for my Palm unit. No matter how hard I try I always end up with air bubbles in the sticky types.
- Dick Cote, Rockville, MD

I love Nushield products--have purchased them for my XV6600, Nintendo DS, and now my XV6700. Great screen protectors!
- E. J., Douglas, GA

I love your screen shield! It fits very nicely and is just wonderful! I also really like the wipes and cloth. I watched your installation video and used the label on the install tool packet for my tape to install as the girl on the video did. So I literally used everything in the package to install. Had no problem installing.
- Susan Robinson, Campbellsville, KY

I, too, am diabetic and found that About NuShield story very interesting...anyway, just getting a Lenovo x61 for seminars and I hope this product will protect it and not damage the LCD in any way...found you guys looking at a competitor's product and liked how the military uses your products (my wife is an army medical doctor)...
- Allen M., Columbia, MD

Just a quick note to tell you what a wonderful product you've got. I'd been using your screen protectors on my HP iPAQ H5555 for the last year or two until I ran out last month... then I couldn't find the reseller on eBay and I couldn't remember the NuShield name so I ordered somebody else's junk. I used all 4 of their sheets tonight and couldn't get a bubble-free install. AAAARRGGGHH!! Thankfully, Google found NuShield on the first page and my beleaguered brain recognized the name! So I put in my order right away, and now I can hardly wait to get a NuShield protector back on my iPAQ. Your product is the best!
- Philip Cuff, Yuma, AZ

My order has been placed, and allow me the opportunity to compliment you on making the best screen protectors I have found in almost 10 years of PDA use.
- Jack K., Lorton, VA

Excellent product! My NuShields have been lasting virtually one year each, with daily use on a Palm T5.
- S. S., Olympia, WA

Since my pda has become my phone, the NuShield is taking even more abuse, and protecting my phone display...Thanks. The display on my 2 year old Sprint PPC-6600 looks brand new since I have used NuShield overlays from the beginning. Now I have a new PDA/Phone in the Sprint 6800 and I wouldn't trust my touch display to anything other than NuShield...Thanks again! Great Job. And now I'm going to suggest to my restaurant customers that they protect their POS investment by covering their touch screens with NuShield overlays.
- Lou Barberio, Mentor, OH

I purchased your product before and have been very pleased with it. It's the best PDA screen protector I've ever used!
- C. G., Greenville, SC

Really like your product. Very clear and lasts a long time.
- P. M., Oxnard, CA

What a great product. So often the simplest ideas are the best.
- Graham Cotton, Kilmington, United Kingdom

Keep up the good work, brillant product, this is my third lot.
- Nigel Houlding, Kent, United Kingdom

Greetings, I've received the shield and installed it, and been using it for a few days. Since this was my first shield I had to negotiate the install -at first it didn't seem like it was the right fit. In fact it fits perfectly and just needs some wiggle once all four edges are inserted. The shield is working very well, only adds a little bit of glare (expected) and defeats some peripheral viewability - heck, that's an extra bonus, though. Thanks again for your prompt service and great product.
- David Frauzel, San Diego, CA

I just received the shields in the mail today. I didn't want to forego protection for my device any longer than I had to, so I gave installation a shot earlier this evening. I can happily say that it went without a hitch. The shields could easily be mistaken for the actual screen surface! Amazing. The only challenge was getting that last piece of lint (that little devil) out from behind the screen...but until we can eliminate dust from the world, it is a necessary evil to overcome.
- Dan Allen, Laurel, MD

Thank you, I just ordered them! I already bought the DS Lite, so I'll play lightly until the screen protectors arrive. It's "No" to the kids until then. NuShield screen protectors are the best! I wouldn't use my Nintendo DS without them! (You may quote that!)
- Joseph Campbell, Grand Island, NE

Friend has had one of yours on his PDA for over a year and barely has scratches, and he uses it often. I bought a pack of Belkin's and they scratch when I put them on, and in a week they are unusable.
- Allen Heller, Prescott Valley, AZ

Thanks for a fantastic product. My original protectors have each lasted about a year of daily use. My screen is as new. Simply amazing.
- Craig Forstater, Arlington, VA

I already have NuShield protectors for my XV6600 and love them, so this was the first place I went for protectors for my new Nintendo DS Lite. Great products!
- Elisa, Douglas, GA

I've been using the Nushield protector on the Nav screen of my 2005 Honda Odyssey for almost 2 years and by the number of scratches on the protector, I think it's one of the best investments I've made. I also have it on the Nav screen of my daughter's 2006 Honda Ridgeline.
- Douglas Prince, Sunrise, FL

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for a great level of service and for a great product. The screen protector arrived very quickly and was relatively easy to apply. Your response to e-mails is the fastest I have ever encountered (when dealing with company's).
- Cheers - Pat Comber, London, UK

I have had a Palm PDA since they were first introduced many years ago. I have had some form of screen protection on them from the first one. I am compelled to say that your Nushield screen protector is the best I have ever used without exception. Thank you for a great product.
- G. Terrell, Avon, IN

Hi, I just wanted to say i am very impressed with your customer service. I bought screen protectors from you for the original 'Nintendo DS' last year and more recently I have emailed you on two occasions to ask you about 'DS Lite' protectors (which I have just ordered). Each time I have received a quick response from you, with my questions answered thoroughly. Thanks.
- DB, Greater Manchester, UK

Perfect fit. Easy to install. Works beautifully. Thanks!
- Melissa Wise, San Diego, CA

The first time I'd herd about Nushield was from a Google search, however, now I'm a repeat customer because of the quality of your product!! Thank you for making these screen protectors.
- David Welch, Del Rio, TX

I purchased my first set of NuShield screen protectors a year ago for the HP iPAQ 4700 and have been very pleased with their performance. Your product is so much better than the "sticky" type sold by others.
- Dr. Lou Aymard, Child Psychologist, Stevensville, MD

Hi, I received the goods today, in good shape. The protection fits the screen perfectly.
- Tony Rutter, Limassol, Cyprus

Back more PDAS are bought there's still only one screen protector we will use. I love to give credit where credit due and the reason we order these all the from US to London is there is nothing to match them. Even if there was we've used NuShield for too long to trust any other brand :)
- Mark Smedley, Deadly Productions, Enfield, UK

I recently bought your screen protectors. It is the best screen protectors I have ever used. Thanks for good products and quality.
- Rajan Yerimbessov, College Station, TX

Hi! Your screen protector arrived in the mail yesterday. It was a little tricky to fit (and I later discovered it was upside down, despite my efforts to keep it right side up) but now it's fitted it is so much better than the HP iPAQ 4700 original screen protectors I was using I can't believe it. No bubbles, crystal clear, and it doesn't scratch up in the first five minutes like the old ones did. The clarity of movies I've been watching on the Ipaq has improved out of sight! It's a really excellent product. You guys should consider setting up an Australian retail operation. Thanks.
- Neale, Brisbane, Australia

GREAT PRODUCT. CHEAP, EFFECTIVE AND NEAT!! Well it got here on time. It was very easy to install.
- Edward Devine, Herndon, VA

Hello, I recently purchased some of your screen protectors for my Dell Axim X30 and I just wanted you to know that these are great. I love the no bubble, no adhesive, no scratches look. The stylus moves so easily over the protector. I am very happy to have seen your ad in PockePC magazine and to have ordered them. You have a very good product.
- Richard Turk, Panama City, FL

I bought them last year and changed them every 4 months or so. They are GREAT! Unmatched. The others should sell for 1/4 of the price because they are not close as good. Cheers to the inventor.
- Bernhard Haidacher, Guatemala

I live in Uruguay (South America) and decided to order some screen protection from NuShield. One month later... I haven't received my order. So I decided sending an e-mail. Customer service answered in just one day.

What I'm really impressed of is: NuShield, Inc. decided to reship. One week later my screen protection was at my home. I have no words to describe that gesture and NO words towards the high quality of the product.
- Nicolás Urioste, Montevideo, Uraguay

Hi, thank you I receive them and they're great! What a wonderful product. My boyfriend just purchased the G2 and doesn't like it nearly as much as mine, he's planning on ordering the NuSheild too. - Deanna Boswell, Bridgeview, IL

I previously purchased one of your competitor's products (G2) for my Treo 600. The Newton Ring effect was very distracting. I had previously used NuShield protectors on my Treo 270 and didn't have that problem, so when the Treo 600 sized NuShield protectors became available I ordered some right away. Little did I know at the time that you have a patent-pending anti-Newton ring treatment applied to the protectors. Let me tell you, that treatment works wonders. Thanks for making a great product.
- Bill Gerrad, Lake Forest, CA

I dropped the corner of a large piece of photo frame glass onto the NuShield protected screen of my Clié NX60. It destroyed the NuShield, but the screen of my Clié suffered no damage whatsoever. I now have a new NX80 as well as the NX60, and need NuShields for both of these Cliés. I won't use the new NX80 without one!
- Bruce Bailey, Tempe, AZ

Just a quick note to let you know that I am very pleased with the NuSheild screen protector, I Found it very easy to install and best of all I can't even notice that the screen protector has been installed. Thank you.
- Aldo Barale, Epping, Australia

“Gotta tell you, your product is outstanding! First screen protector I’ve used that feels BETTER than original unprotected screen. Very refreshing to see a product that delivers EVERYTHING promised. Thank you.”
- Kenneth Kane, West Sayville, NY

“Received my order via US mail today. Very happy with the installation of your product on my NR70. The look and feel of the protector is far beyond that of the Fellows/Brando products I have used in the past. Can’t see ever using anything else in the future.”
- Jim Briney, Salem, OR

“I received my screen protectors today - normal postage option to UK, very quick indeed - many thanks. Fitted to a brand new Tungsten T, it fits beautifully, feels great. I had been worried about screen protection because I previously used an adhesive type on another Palm and it completely wrecked the screen to the point where the manufacturer purchased a new Palm for me! Your product is A1. Many thanks”
- Paul Adkins, Malvern, UK

“One Great Product! I was looking for protection for my new Dell Axim and ordered off of Ebay vinyl ones. They did not fit (bubbles all over), they distorted the color and the image, they made the screen very hard to read and did not have a nice writing surface. I searched the Internet and found your product....they are just perfect. The image and color are crystal clear, zero distortion, great writing surface and perfect fit. They made my Dell a better product. Thanks”
- Tony Micci, Woodridge, NJ

"I believe this is my third order. The protectors work great. My Palm Vx screen broke somehow! Therefore, I got a Palm i705 this time. I have recommended your company to my friends, so thanks for your products!"
- D. Chism, San Diego, CA

"This is a repeat order. After putting one on my Sony Clie, I was really impressed. I first bought NuShield protectors because of the reviews at different sites. I'm ordering some more, because I gave my daughter a PDA for Christmas and used one of my protectors so she'd have her screen protected from the start. I highly recommend NuShields. Plus they ship in a timely fashion!"
- E. Markley, Fort Collins, CO

"Repeat order for my new Clie =). I loved the protectors that I ordered before, so I'm snagging a few for my brand new NX70V. I learned about you through a post on, searched posts for reviews after seeing a recommendation and then to look. Yours got seemed to be the best from my reading, so I ordered... I wasn't proven wrong =)."
- J. Smith, Fairfield, CT

"Wonderful, money-saving product. Back for more..."
- Nikki Hebert, Brusly, LA

"I just got my order of NuShields today for the MP2x000. I tried the 'older' style, first. All I can say is *these are amazing*. They do an OUTSTANDING job of diffusing glare *without* compromising the screen visibility."
- David Orriss, Jr., Bonney Lake, WA

"The other sites were driving me crazy. I failed to find screen overlays for the SONY CLIE PEG-S360 on other sites. I don't know if I needed the exact model match so I didn't want to take a chance and order something that would not fit the S-360 screen. I tried Fellows, SONY, PALM, Wrightwrite,, and others. I think I asked YAHOO or GOOGLE to search on Wrightwrite and only your company came up as a possible alternative. Then, when I accessed your site, I was able to find what I needed within a few seconds. I was so surprised, I repeated some of the steps to make sure it wasn't a mistake. So, thanks for the user friendly web site."
- Robin D., Chevy Chase, MD

"I just purchased your Nushields and they are the best screen protector I have used. I have used all the other Screen Protectors including WriteRight & WriteShields but yours are far superior. I noticed that a lot of Pocket PC Sites brag about the WrieShields product but Nushields is the best. First off the installation is the easiest. With WriteShields the screen protector is smaller than the actual screen therefore you have to PERFECTLY line-up the protector which is almost impossible. Also WriteShields take away from the clarity of the screen where with NuShields everything looks bright and crisp, not dull!!!

I am Vice President of a small IT Department and from now on I am always going to use and recommend NuShields. Thank You."
- David Pollack, Bayside, NY

"I ordered some of the NEW AND IMPROVED NuShield Protectors and just wanted to say thanks. These are even better than the old version. It doesn't look like anything is on the Palm screen and it brightened up my display. I feel like I'm writing on a brand new Palm screen every time but have the comfort of knowing the screen is actually covered. Thanks Again!"
- Mike Synowiec, Whiteville, NC

"I just received NuShields for both of my Pocket PCs, and I can't tell you how pleased I am with them."

"I owned Casio E series Pocket PCs in the past, and I really liked the Casio non-adhesive screen protectors. As I've moved on to other Pocket PCs, it's been difficult to find similar protectors. I've struggled with several brands of adhesive protectors, including many of the latest reusable, long lasting ones. And with all of them, it nearly took a miracle to get the protector on without trapping some dust in the adhesive. It usually took me a minimum of 3 tries to get a reasonably dust-free application."

"I found one other non-adhesive brand, but the fit was terrible and I disposed of them after a day of use."

"The NuShields, on the other hand, are much easier to install than any of the adhesive brands. A simple cleaning of the PDA screen and the protector, and you're a minute away from a perfect installation the first time. They fit beautifully and allow the full brightness and color of the screen to shine through."

"Consider me a very satisfied customer... great job!"
- Douglas Raeburn, Pewaukee, WI

"I just want to let you know how much I LOVE your screen protectors! I am a previous "Write Rights" user, and FORTUNATELY, I was unable to find any of the Write Rights for my new Sony Clie in my local store. After searching the Internet I stumbled upon your NuShield product. I was skeptical at first since I was used to the stick on type of screen protector, but I placed my order anyway. I received my order within two days. I was instantly impressed with the quality of the NuShield. It is incredibly easy to apply and it is invisible once installed - no more bubbles! I am SO glad I did not put off ordering the NuShield because low and behold, the stylus that shipped with my Clie has a jagged edge and there are scratches all over my NuShield - but my Clie screen is safe! Needless to say, I have ordered a replacement stylus and I will be a lifelong customer of the NuShield screen protectors! Thank you very much for such a wonderful product!"
- J. Wittman, Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio

"I just wanted to say that the NuShield is probably the best accessory I could buy for my Palm. Not having to worry about ugly, spotty screen protectors that get all rutted with a few weeks of use is a huge bonus. Thanks."
- M. Wilber, West Valley City, UT

"Thank you. - I think that it's going to be a keeper. I love the feel of the screen- I hope that it holds. I'll look into that cleaner. About half the the group I support (about 40 People) have palms or Pocket PC's. I am also in the many Palm newsgroups. I'll recommend your product and your service. Wish all my vendors were this good."
- Mark Samuel, San Francisco, CA

"Love these things - this is my third or fourth order. After ruining my first Palm's screen, my current one looks brand new"
- Mark Schoenbaum, San Francisco, CA

Wow, I'm really impressed! To begin with, I received my order last Friday -- practically within mere moments of ordering. And, I love the screen protectors!! They work great with my color PDA (Visor Prism) -- way better than the over-priced WriteRight stuff I've tried!! Keep up the great work, and I'll do my best to "pass the word" on to other PDA owners :)"
- Shirley Throop, Boise, ID

"What a great website! Keep up the good work! The checkout was smooth and quick! Plus, I am impressed with your product!"
- Kyle Davis - Mechanicsburg, PA

"I just upgraded from an m100 to an m130. When I put a WriteRight on the m130 I was so disappointed with the screen distortion that I took it off that same day. After talking to an IT type at work, he showed me his PDA and highly recommended your product. Since there are three m100 series palms in the household, I'm ordering two.

So far, I am very satisfied with the NuShield screen protectors. Big difference on a color screen. My son also likes the difference when I replaced the WriteRight with the NuShield on his m100."
- Dan, Port Orchard, WA

"I am so glad to have found a protector that does not adhere to the screen because those never work for me - I always get air bubbles."
- Jennifer Manganello

"I have had an opportunity to use your product under some very difficult conditions (I am a police officer working at night, and my Palm has been used in the dark, the rain, etc). I am even more impressed now than I was when I first got the NuShields. The screen protectors are great to write on, I haven't noticed any increase in graffiti errors, and they are crystal clear; they don't distort the images in any way

"What an outstanding product!!!!! Installation was easier than I thought it would be, and writing on the surface is closer to paper than anything else I have tried. And the firm surface is much better than the vinyl overlays I have tried in the past....they tend to get "mushy"."
- Robert Brongel

"I recently bought a second-hand Newton 2100, from someone who obviously loved it as much as I am starting to. I took one of the spare WriteRights he sent with it and tried to install it. Three attempts later, and two wasted protectors later, I had it nearly on, and nearly without bubbles. I was very disappointed, the readability of the screen was awful, the feel of the stylus was jumpy, and recognition dropped. Quick perusal of the instructions and 2 minutes later I had just installed my first NuShield. Then I tried writing. The feel was wonderful, with none of the WriteRight's drag. This really is the best screen protector I have used (and I've tried a few, including home-made). It has no effect on the screen's readability, and if anything actually improves the feel when writing."
- Andy Warwick

"Thank you so much for your product. My palm Vx screen is two years old. It looks brand new because of the NuShield!"
- Bryon Pace

"I believe NuShields are the best screen protectors out there (I had ONE foil for ONE year on my Newton, and when I sold it, the foil still looked like new
- Ralf Rauth

"I've just run out of NuShields. I've tried WriteRight as well as a few others. Although yours are a little trickier to install, the time is well worth the performance. It's a better surface for writing on than the original Palm screen - my accuracy is FAR better. I am completely pleased with this product and will continue to use it. I believe NuShields are the best screen protectors out there
- Paul Hembling

"WOW!!! What a huge difference! It's like night and day between NuShield and those adhesive screen protectors! I have a Visor Platinum that has a scratched up screen due to the fact that for awhile I didn't know there were such products as screen protectors. After putting one of the adhesive protectors on the Platinum, I was relieved in knowing that the screen would not get scratched up anymore. I recently acquired a Visor Prism and I immediately applied an adhesive screen protector on it so as not to damage its highly reflective, beautifully colorful screen. Talk about disappointment! Not only did that protector dull the colors, but it also created unsightly patterns that sometimes gave me a headache looking at the screen. However, I just received the NuShield protectors in the mail today. After installing one of those (which, by the way, is extremely easy to do!), I'd have to say it's the next best thing to not using any protector at all. The colors are virtually the same as looking at a non-protected Prism screen, and those awful patterns created by the adhesive protector are gone. The feel of the stylus on the NuShield when writing Graffiti is excellent as well! Much superior to that other screen protector! From now on, I will be using only NuShield. Thanks for a great product!
- Greg Wong

I've tried several others, and your screen protectors are absolutely the best. For what it's worth, the biggest difference I see between NuShield and others is the way the screen "feels" when using a stylus. The NuShields also last me a long time. Thanks for a great, easy to use product.
- AD, Mount Laurel, NJ

Dear Sirs, This is to confirm, with thanks, receipt (today) of the Screen Protectors for my JasJam device. I immediately installed one of them, and the job went through flawlessly :) I am looking forward to a long and happy "partnership" with the Screen Protector, all-while having my mind at rest that the JasJam's screen is well safeguarded by your product. Thanks again for your prompt delivery of what looks to be a great product.
- Eric Trattner, Holon, Israel

Just wanted to say THANK YOU!! This is the best product yet for a screen saver! I am sure glad I found your product. Most other screen protectors that I have seem use an adhesive to hold them in place or are of inferior plastic. Thanks for making a quality product.
- Jeff Taylor, Greenwood, IN