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Touch Screen Driven Electronic Devices Becoming the Backbone of Precision Farming

It’s no longer your father’s way of farming. Today, farmers rely on precise information about soil and climate conditions to maximize yield, profit, and reduce costs. The age of technology has also ushered in a new farmer, one who collects information using GPS devices and sensors to evaluate sowing density and estimate fertilizer and other needs to help increase crop yields.


Precision farming relies on electronic devices with global positioning capabilities. Sensors collect information and help with hybrid/variety planning, guidance, steering, yield, and moisture mapping, to better assess local soil and climate conditions. There are several companies, such as John Deer, Ag Leader and Trimble who sell these interactive touch screen devices to help with steering guidance, flow, application control and crop management.

However, all this information is rendered useless when strong sun glare is coming through the cab windows and the operator can’t read the display. He is also getting a headache from the glare bouncing off the display into his eyes. Wearing polarized sunglasses also renders the display unreadable. Although, these devices can be tilted physically, a machine operator needs to concentrate on running his equipment instead of constantly adjusting the display to reduce sun glare.

This is why equipment manufacturers and device users have turned to NuShield™ to provide a solution. The DayVue™ antireflective film is placed on the surface of the LCD display and minimizes sun glare reflecting off the screen. The properties of the film also eliminate 99% of the UVB rays, thereby reducing eye strain and headaches. Operators can even wear polarized sunglasses and still see the display.

The DayVue™ is the only screen protector film of its kind that combines anti-reflective technology and superior scratch resistance. Dust and dirt and smudges can be easily cleaned off the DayVue™ film’s oil resistant coating.

The technology of the DayVue™ film also provides brightness enhancement, high contrast, high durability and high visibility. The superb anti-reflective effect makes the LCD screen easy to see and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth without degrading the film’s properties. DayVue™ has been tested in the harshest environments without losing its protective and antireflective qualities.

DayVue™ uses a very low tack adhesive rubber backing which holds the film on the screen. This allows for easy installation on flat LCD surfaces and easy adjustment if necessary. It is made of a super thin, durable plastic manufactured using a patented technology that provides extended protection against dust, scratches and gouges.

The DayVue™ film is also available for use by other devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and camcorders, PC tablets, navigation systems, laptops, fish and depth finders, and other consumer or industrial devices. NuShield Inc., based in Bensalem, PA, has been the leading provider of quality and innovative screen protectors for LCD screens since 1998 and is sold directly to consumers at or through its distributors worldwide.

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