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The NuShield Triple A Screen Protector Offers a Powerful Weapon to Fight Germs

By Andrew Serenyi

There has been a great deal of talk recently about germs and viruses being spread around.  From surfaces in your home or office, to surfaces in stores and restaurants, germs are all around us all the time.  As flu season approaches, it is very important that you know how to protect yourself and reduce the chance of getting sick.

Here are some quick facts you should know. Most viruses do not survive for a long period outside the body on surfaces.  They die within a few minutes to 24 hours, but live the longest on hard surfaces. Flu viruses depend on direct transmission from an infected person to another.  The norovirus is an exception which can survive on an object for months and bleach must be used to clean infected surfaces.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work well to kill germs and viruses, but you constantly have to use it to be effective.  Flu vaccines are also effective and you should get one every year. If you do get sick, make sure you cover your mouth when you cough, preferably using your elbow area and not your hand so you don’t pass it to the next person whose hand you shake.

Now that you have the ammunition to protect yourself, how do you protect your computer, phone or other handheld device?  LCD and LED surfaces are hard and are the favorite growth spots for germs and viruses.  Touch screens are becoming more prevalent for information input such as point of sale systems in restaurants, directories in malls, tablets, handheld devices or phones. By installing a NuShield Triple A screen protector technology with anti-microbial benefits, you can be sure that your devices are protected and can be cleaned without damaging the surface.

One of the most active environments where germs easily transfer and spread are health care facilities. The constant inflow of sick patients requires the staff to clean and wipe down all surfaces in a timely manner to eliminate germs.  The most effective way to kill germs is by using ammonia or alcohol based liquid, but what most facilities do not realize is that computer displays also attract and nurture germs. However, using harsh chemicals will damage the LCD display and make the device unusable. And the displays would have to be cleaned after every examination when medical personnel come in contact with the patient.

Recently, NuShield had the opportunity to work with a forward-looking medical practice, with 20 doctors that decided to implement a full electronic documentation system, including patient contact. They installed an electronic check in and documentation system that starts with touch screen terminals that greet patients who have to enter their information about their appointment and have a photo i.d. scanned to verify personal identity.  These screens are touched hundreds of times a day by patients with all kinds of germs that they leave on the display surface.

The practice also supplied the doctors, nurses and physician assistants with tablets where they pull up the patient’s data and type in new information from the visit. These tablets are carried from room to room and the touch screen interface is used before and after touching the patient, potentially transferring germs from the screen to the patient.

To help safeguard the doctors and the patients, this practice has installed the NuShield Triple A screen protector on every LCD surface as part of the electronic documentation program. The Triple A film with its anti-bacterial coating kills and prevents the growth of germs on the display surface for an extended period of time.

The film also protects the display and allows the staff to wipe down the surface, when necessary with liquid disinfectants such as solvent, bleach, rubbing alcohol and other harsh liquids to eliminate germs without diminishing its antimicrobial properties.

The inorganic anti-microbial coating has an excellent anti-bacterial spectrum and heat resistance.  In laboratory tests using colon bacillus and Staphylococcus aureus bacteria the Triple A film’s anti-microbial coating has shown a reduction rate of 99% of these germs over a 24 hour period.

The film has a matte surface that scatters reflected glare, minimizes reflections and reduces the appearance of fingerprints. The back surface incorporates a slightly tacky silicone rubber instead of a traditional pressure sensitive adhesive. This means that the film is easily applied and removed and will not trap air effectively. Bubbles can be easily pushed out using a finger.

The NuShield Triple A film is the superior choice for screen protection in medical applications and helps to eliminate germs. It is also the right choice for any other application where multiple persons interact with technology by touching a display screen. NuShield currently offers film sizes for over 12,000 electronic devices from small phones to large television screens up to 80 inch diagonal.  NuShield constantly adds new devices to this list and custom sizes can easily be created without additional charge.